FERC OK’s Use of Additional Workspaces for Pipeline Project

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FERC has approved the following TransCanada requests for the following Tri-County Bare Steel Project – Segment 3 work areas in Pennsylvania:

  • The addition of three workspaces at milepost 1.6, totaling 0.16 acres
  • The addition of two workspaces and removal of one workspace at milepost 1.7, totaling 0.23 acres
  • The addition of one workspace at milepost 4.1, totaling 3.8 acres
  • The addition of two workspaces at milepost 8.4, totaling 0.64 acres
  • The use of the certificated workspace associated with mileposts 9.35 to 9.5

TransCanada’s Tri-County Bare Steel Replacement Project consists of the replacement and modernization of approximately 34 miles of bare steel pipeline in southeast Pennsylvania.

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