FERC: Pipeline Construction Project Can Be Placed in Service

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FERC has approved Florida Gas Transmission Company, LLC’s request to commence service of the Jacksonville Expansion Project.

According to FERC’s J. Rich McGuire, this approval is based on three factors:

  • The most recent field inspection
  • FERC staff’s determination that rehabilitation and restoration of affected areas is proceeding satisfactorily
  • The statements and commitments made in Florida Gas Transmission’s request pertaining to the status of affected lands, restoration efforts, and successful revegetation

McGuire added that Florida Gas Transmission pledges to continue monitoring affected lands and vegetation growth and address any issues concerning these resources, including retaining contractors and equipment, as necessary.

The Jacksonville Expansion Project consists of the following:

  • Approximately 3 miles of 30-inch-diameter looping pipeline and associated facilities in Suwannee County, Florida and Columbia County, Florida
  • One new compressor unit
  • Re-wheeling of an existing turbine compressor unit
  • Construction and modification of piping and valves at Compressor Station 16 in Bradford County, Florida
  • Construction of approximately 5.7 miles of 20-inch-diameter looping pipeline and associated facilities in Bradford County, Florida
  • Construction of a new regulation station in Bradford County, Florida


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