FERC: Tree Clearing Can Begin at 2 Mountaineer XPress Locations

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FERC has approved the following requests associated with TransCanada’s Mountaineer XPress Project:

  • Route modifications at the following mussel stream crossing locations, South Fork Hughes River at MXP-100, milepost 77.0, and Little Kanawha River at MXP-100, milepost 94.8.  These modifications will reduce impacts on protected mussels and mussel habitats.
  • The commencement of tree-clearing activities at the two mussel stream crossing locations listed above.

The Mountaineer XPress Project is a 170-mile pipeline that, once completed, will deliver approximately 2.6 Bcf/d of gas to the TCO Pool and Leach markets on the Columbia Gas Transmission System. It includes the construction of the following:

  • About 164.5 miles of new 36-inch-diameter natural gas pipeline from Marshall County to Cabell County (MXP-100)
  • About 6.0 miles of new 24-inch-diameter natural gas pipeline in Doddridge County (MXP-200)
  • Three new compressor stations in Doddridge, Calhoun, and Jackson Counties (one that also includes a regulator station)
  • Two new regulating stations in Jackson and Cabell Counties
  • About 296 feet of new, 10-inch-diameter natural gas pipeline at the Ripley Regulator Station to tie Columbia Gas’ existing X59M1 pipeline into the MXP-100 pipeline in Jackson County
  • An approximately 0.4-mile-long replacement segment of 30-inch-diameter natural gas pipeline in Cabell County
  • Upgrades to one existing compressor station (Wayne County) and two compressor stations (Marshall and Kanawha Counties) that are approved or pending, respectively, under separate FERC proceedings
  • Related facilities in various West Virginia counties

The project is expected to be placed in service in November 2018.



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