Gulf Trace Construction Approved

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FERC has approved Williams’ request to use additional temporary work space for excavation and replacement of the pig trap valve at Compressor Station 42 as part of the Gulf Trace Expansion Project.

“The requested workspace is within the existing fence line of Compressor Station 42 and the adjacent Golden Pass Liquefied Natural Gas facility property,” J. Keith Rodgers, PG Environmental Project Manager with FERC, said. “It consists of gravel-covered open land, and was previously used as workspace during the initial construction of this compressor station and the Golden Pass Liquefied Natural Gas facility.”

Rodgers also said that Williams intends to restore the workspace to pre-construction conditions upon completion of work associated with the project.

The Gulf Trace Expansion Project is designed to expand the existing Transco pipeline system in order to deliver gas to the Sabine Pass Liquefaction Facility 2 in Cameron Parish, Louisiana, and includes installing eight miles of new 36-inch concrete-coated pipe from the existing Transco pipeline in St. Helena Parish to the Sabine Pass Liquefaction Facility meter station, two compressor stations, and modifications to the existing Transco mainline.

The project is expected to be in service in the first quarter of 2017.


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