Higgs publishes business leadership book tracing company history and culture

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Mustang: The Story – from Zero to $1 Billion, authored by Mustang Engineering co-founder Bill Higgs, has been published and is available for purchase. The remarkable story will appeal to business professionals in any company, as well as college students, military leaders, scouting and church organizations, or anyone seeking to build a business designed for success.
  The book is based on the actual events that Higgs and the other two Mustang originators endured while starting an energy engineering firm in the struggling Houston economy of mid-1987. It illustrates how to start a company from nothing and emerge victorious.
  Mustang Engineering, now Wood Group Mustang, has grown to be a global super-power with more than 8,500 Mustangers and revenue exceeding $1 billion annually. Its success, in part, is credited to the unique culture and strong values which continue to guide the company. In the book, Higgs candidly shares how the culture was created and driven by the mottos of “Making Heroes”, “People Oriented Project Driven™”, and a “Just Do It” mentality.
  Higgs says the Mustanger in him inspired the book, and he hopes to create devotees around the world.  He stresses that anyone can be a Mustanger, “It’s about motivating others and leading a team to victory. Higgs often says, “Energy and enthusiasm are force multipliers.” As the energy business struggles in the current intense downturn, building culture and inspiring a teaming mentality is vital to a company’s success.  After going through what he says were at least seven or eight downturns, Higgs serves as a reminder that the industry has been through this before and survived. In the book, he vividly illustrates how to manage projects, cash flow, influence team members and cultivate leaders of tomorrow.
  To find out more about Mustang: The Story and how to purchase a copy, please visit the official website at www.mustangthestory.com