Hillabee Expansion Pipeline Loop Can Be Placed in Service

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FERC has approved Williams’ request to commence service of the Proctor Creek Loop located in Coosa County, Alabama as part of the Hillabee Expansion Project.

According to FERC’s J. Rich McGuire, Director, Division of Gas – Environment and Engineering, Williams will continue monitoring affected lands and vegetation growth; and as necessary, address any issues concerning these resources. The company also agrees to retain an environmental inspector and keep the appropriate contractors and equipment available to address restoration issues.

Once completed, the Hillabee Expansion Project will increase the existing Transco pipeline’s capacity in Alabama and deliver gas to the proposed Sabal Trail pipeline. The project will be constructed in three phases, with the first phase expected to be finished in the second quarter of 2017. The pipeline will add a total of approximately 1,131,000 dekatherms per day of pipeline capacity to the Transco system by 2021.

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