Honeywell Receives SCADA Contract for TAP

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Trans Adriatic Pipeline AG has awarded a contract to Honeywell SRL of Italy for the engineering, procurement and installation of its SCADA  telecommunications and security systems.

The scope of work includes system detail engineering, graphic interface development, block valve station controls, security, and telecommunications systems. The SCADA and security system will provide integrated, centralised and seamless monitoring and control along the entire 878-kilometre gas transportation system. All data will be transmitted back to the supervisory control centre in the Pipeline Receiving Terminal in southern Italy, overseeing the pipeline’s safe and sustainable operations.

“With this appointment, TAP has completed the award of all major strategic contracts for pipeline construction,” Ian Bradshaw, Managing Director at TAP, said. “I want to congratulate Honeywell for its successful bid and thank all the companies who participated in this tender round. The SCADA telecommunications and security system is a key piece of equipment which will ensure safe and effective pipeline operations.”

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