How To Select A Contract Security Patrol Service

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Jeff Leverence, Diamond Group Security
Insurance companies that insure pipeline contractors and other large construction firms want to see their clients reduce risk wherever possible.  Hiring contract security patrol is a very good way to deter trouble that could be disastrous to a project.  Not all security patrol firms offer the same benefits, so there are several things that pipeline contractors should consider before contracting with a security patrol firm:
  Avoid choosing a nationally run security firm that does not have local management and ownership. For best results, select a medium-sized, well run patrol services company that is hungry for your business and will compete on price.   
  Don’t make a snap decision on security patrol service.   Most project managers at construction firms are very busy.  To take the “load” off, many pipeline contractors and other energy contractors can use a company like Diamond Group Security to take care of screening and interviewing local security patrol services at no charge to the contractor.  
  Don’t be distracted by a low patrol officer’s hourly rate or vehicle rate.  Many times a low priced security patrol firm is paying a very low hourly rate for people who usually are working other jobs.  
  Avoid security patrol providers that do not take the time to ask pertinent questions relating to your specific pipeline project and your firm’s specific policies and objectives.  A smart security patrol firm will ask you what is most important as it relates to patrols.  Do you require security fencing at the beginning of the job?  What custom procedures would you like followed?
  Avoid a security patrol firm that has trouble describing how they rectify issues and problems such as sick call-ins or weather related challenges at the site.   A good question to ask a security patrol provider is:  How do you handle a situation where one of your officers calls in sick one hour before his or her shift? Does your company track its officers’ vehicles through a GPS system?  
  Diamond Group Security has a data base of over 700 medium sized, local security patrol firms that also provide security fencing, temporary site structures and Butler-type metal buildings.