INGAA President Praises FERC Nomination

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Don Santa, president and chief executive officer of the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America, today applauded the White House for announcing its intent to nominate Rich Glick as a commissioner to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

“INGAA applauds the announcement of President Trump’s intent to nominate Richard Glick to be a member of the FERC,” Santa said. “We respect Glick’s depth of experience and subject-matter expertise, and urge the president to follow up soon with a formal nomination. It is our hope that nominating Glick for the soon-to-be-open Democratic seat will facilitate a bipartisan agreement in the Senate on restoring a quorum at FERC.”

Santa added that this nomination is a step towards enabling important pipeline infrastructure to move forward.

“The president, and many members of Congress, have stressed the economic importance of developing infrastructure across America,” Santa said. “Natural gas pipelines are a form of infrastructure built with private capital, rather than government funds. To build this infrastructure, we need a functioning FERC to act on pending natural gas infrastructure projects of national importance. We estimate that about $14 billion in private capital – ready to be deployed on energy infrastructure projects – is being held on the sidelines while FERC lacks a quorum and cannot act on major projects. The nomination of Glick – and the other two nominees awaiting a Senate confirmation vote – is a step toward improving the nation’s energy infrastructure.”

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