Jemena Gets Nod for Phillip Creek Station Compressor Construction

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Jemena has received a pipeline license and consent to construct the Phillip Creek Station Compressor Facility as part of the Northern Gas Pipeline Project.

According to the Northern Territory’s Minister for Primary Industry and Resources Ken Vowles, a thorough assessment of the Pipeline Management Plan, including the Environmental Management Plan, was undertaken and encompassed an independent review.

“It is a priority of government that the pipeline be constructed in such a way that it delivers safe and secure infrastructure that meets the requirements of the Northern Territory,” Vowles said.

Vowles also added that the independent NT Environmental Protection Authority made eight recommendations as part of its EIS assessment, which have been addressed as part of the Pipeline Management Plan and associated Environmental Management Plan.

Construction of the Northern Gas Pipeline is scheduled to begin mid-2017, and the project is expected to be operational in 2018.