Kinder Morgan Awards Pipeline Transportation Capacity To Antero Resources

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Kinder Morgan Energy Partners LP (KMP) announced that KMP’s Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co. (TGP) has awarded Antero Resources 100 percent of the capacity offered in TGP’s binding open season for its proposed Broad Run Flexibility and Broad Run Expansion projects. The open season, which closed April 11, totaled 790,000 Dth/d for long-term firm capacity for 15 years on the Broad Run Lateral in West Virginia and on TGP’s 100 and 500 mainlines. Anticipated capital cost of the projects totals approximately $782 million, which includes horsepower and piping modifications at existing stations, and one new compressor station on the Broad Run Lateral, all in West Virginia; two new TGP mainline compressor stations in Tennessee and Kentucky; and modifications to five existing mainline compressor stations in Kentucky.
  A 790,000 Dth/d precedent agreement with Antero Resources consists of two components:
  The Broad Run Flexibility Project provides 590,000 Dth/d of firm transportation capacity from TGP’s Broad Run Lateral in TGP Zone 3 to mutually agreeable delivery points in TGP Zone 1. The anticipated in-service date of the Broad Run Flexibility Project is November 2015.
  The Broad Run Expansion Project provides an incremental 200,000 Dth/d of firm transportation capacity on the same capacity path. The anticipated in-service date of the Broad Run Expansion Project is November 2017.