Koch Holds Open Season For Dakota Express Pipeline

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Koch Pipeline Company, L.P. conducted Phase I of an open season for the Dakota Express, a proposed pipeline to transport Bakken crude oil from western North Dakota to Hartford and Patoka, IL.  Koch Pipeline also intends to explore a connection at Patoka to the Eastern Gulf Crude Access Pipeline, which would be capable of delivering Bakken crude oil to eastern U.S. Gulf Coast refineries.  Dakota Express Pipeline would begin service in 2016 with an expected initial capacity of approximately 250,000 bpd.
  Dakota Express pipeline would include some new construction while also utilizing Koch Pipeline’s existing Wood River Pipeline and Hartford terminal.  Historically, the Wood River Pipeline has transported crude oil south to north from Hartford, IL to the Saint Paul, MN area.  Koch Pipeline has completed an engineering viability study on reversing the flow of Wood River Pipeline and utilizing it as part of the Dakota Express Pipeline system.
  Phase I of the open season began July 1 and concluded Aug. 14, 2013.  The non-binding open season solicited expressions of interest from potential shippers.  If sufficient shipper interest is received in Phase I, Koch Pipeline may proceed to Phase II of the open season, during which binding commitments would be sought.  The project is subject to management approval and receipt of necessary permits.