LANE Trailer Manufacturing Commits To Safety, Passes Certification For Compliant Trailers

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LANE Trailer Manufacturing Co. joined the fight to improve the safety of America’s roads and highways after recently passing their compliance certification with the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM). By becoming a member of NATM, LANE Trailer Manufacturing Co. is aligning with a determined coalition of trailer manufacturers and industry advocates that has bipartisan support in national and local levels of government. NATM has been lauded by National Highway Administrator Strickland and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Administrator Anne Ferro for their work in the industry for their dedication and commitment to improving trailer safety.
  LANE Trailer Manufacturing Co. passed the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers’ biennial safety compliance consultation, part of NATM’s Compliance Verification Program. The compliance program, including its consultation, is based on the NATM Guidelines for Recommended Minimum Manufacturing Practices for Light- and Medium-Duty Trailers. The Guidelines is a compilation of federal safety standards and regulations and industry best practices that govern trailer construction.