Laney Inc. Changes Name; Back In HDD Business

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Mark, Dickey and Steve Laney, well-known for their many years as road boring and horizontal directional drilling (HDD) contractors, are rebranding and expanding their business.
  Effective May 20, Laney Inc. will be changing its name to MDS Boring & Drilling Inc. and adding HDD to their current road boring services.
  For 34 years, the Laney’s have owned and operated Laney Inc. However, in May 2008, the Laney Directional Drilling part of the company was sold. Laney Inc., the road boring operation, was retained and continued operations.
  Now, with the evolving pipeline markets and current industry demands, the owners of Laney Inc. decided to re-enter the HDD market. In order to avoid confusion with their former company, the new MDS Boring & Drilling Inc. was formed.
  “We are very pleased to make this announcement and look forward to providing full service road boring and directional drilling for years to come,” said Cortney Laney, MDS vice president and chief operating officer. “We would like to thank everyone for allowing us tremendous success since 1979.”
  MDS Boring & Drilling, (281) 987-2511,