Large order for its 4 Port Tool Changers

November 2018

J2 Subsea, an Acteon company, ROV and survey tooling rental and sale specialist, has announced a large order for its 4 Port Tool Changers in collaboration with Palm Tecnologia for a MOBO intervention campaign offshore Brazil planned for 2018. The J2 Subsea 4 Port Tool Changer enables ROVs to connect with tools subsea with zero leakages. Cost and time savings are achieved because the ROV does not have to make multiple trips between the vessel and the seabed to replace each tool. Further savings in time and costs are generated through the compact dimensions and low weight of the 4 Port Tool Changer in air – ROV end 18.4kg and tool end 5.4kg. These factors make it economically viable to transport by helicopter leading to quick mobilization and demobilization. The tool changer has been tested and rated to water depths up to 5,000 meters to meet the standards of depth ratings for work-class ROVs. The tool changer, which has been designed, developed and manufactured by a partnership of Walther Präzision GmbH and J2 Subsea Ltd., consists of a ROV end plus a tool end. It meets the requirements of all work-class ROVs and enables connection or disconnection from tools and intervention panels requiring either high-flow or high-pressure applications. The tool changers are self-sealing, allowing mating and de-mating under pressure with zero leaks. This significantly increases time efficiencies and therefore cost savings for contractors and operators.