LaValley Showcases DECKHAND® Pipe Handling System

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LaValley Industries, manufacturer of the DECKHAND® Pipe Handling System, hosted an open house recently at their new facility in Bemidji, MN. LaValley Industries showcased the new DECKHAND “DHL” in live demonstrations handling 20-, 24-, 30-, and 36-inch diameter pipes up to 80 feet long. The DECKHAND “DHXL” was also on display, complete with 42-inch pipe arms and the standard DECKHAND “DH” that started it all, which handles 3- to 24-inch diameter pipe. Guests from around the country attended the open house and took part in live DECKHAND demonstrations throughout the afternoon.
  Company officials say the DECKHAND worktool can safely and efficiently load and unload pipe from trailers, railcars, pipe stacks, and drill rigs. To demonstrate the ease of operation and DECKHAND’s total pipe control system, guests were encouraged to operate the DECKHAND and see the benefits first hand.
  One guest, Shad Clisby, an operator for Premay Equipment L.P., spent last winter working on a 36-inch pipeline project in Alberta, Canada. Over the course of the project, Clisby personally moved over 5,000 joints of 36-inch pipe using the DECKHAND Pipe Handling System. “Using the DECKHAND to move pipe makes my job easier and more enjoyable,” said Clisby. “I wouldn’t dream of using anything else. The DECKHAND is the future.” 
  LaValley Industries was founded in 2006 when Owner and CEO, Jason LaValley thought of the concept for the DECKHAND while working on pipeline projects.   Over the years, the DECKHAND product line has grown to include three different head attachments, including the DH, DHL and DHXL; and numerous arm combinations , including the 8-12-inch Interchangeable Pipe Arms, 24-inch Utility Arm, 20-42-inch Pipe Arms, and the Directional Drilling Arm.
  The DECKHAND Pipe Handling System is distributed exclusively to the pipeline industry by PipeLine Machinery International (PLM-Cat).