Lincoln Electric YouTube Channel Celebrates Five-Year Anniversary

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Lincoln Electric celebrated five years since its launch of lincolnelectrictv, a YouTube® channel that highlights product demonstrations, welding applications and tips from welding and fabricating industry professionals. Since 2009, lincolnelectrictv, now with more than 11,500 subscribers, has hosted 450 videos, while accumulating more than 4.5 million views and 133,300+ hours of viewing time. That’s almost 8 million minutes or just over 15 years of video viewing during that time period. The lincolnelectrictv channel includes videos exploring new equipment, such as Lincoln Electric’s seam tracker and motorized slide welding systems, and Spirit® II high-definition plasma cutters from Burny Kaliburn. The YouTube channel also features Lincoln Electric’s extensive line of welding consumables, as well as training and operator tips that allow viewers to get the most out of the welding process. In addition, lincolnelectrictv showcases “Made Possible with Lincoln Electric,” a series exploring how Lincoln Electric has played a major role in constructing the most iconic structures and vehicles on Earth.