Line YM28 and Line FM120 Modernization Tree-Felling Approved

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FERC has approved National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation’s request to conduct non-mechanized tree felling between mileposts 0.0 and 1.2 only of the western portion of Line KL as a part of the Line YM28 and Line FM120 Modernization Project.

According to FERC’s David C. Swearingen, trees must be felled in a manner so as to avoid obstruction of flow, rutting, and sedimentation of wetlands and waterbodies. Swearingen added that downed trees must be left in place until applicable subsequent construction is authorized.

The Line YM28 and Line FM120 Modernization Project includes the following:

  • Approximately 14.4 miles of new 12-inch-diameter pipeline installed within existing rights-of-way in McKean County (designated Line KL)
  • Approximately 5.8 miles of new 6-inch-diameter pipeline installed via insertion into the existing 12-inch-diameter FM120 pipeline in McKean and Elk Counties
  • Abandonment in place of approximately 7.7 miles of the existing Line YM28 in McKean County
  • Approximately 12.5 miles of Line FM120 removed from service in McKean, Elk, and Cameron Counties
  • Removal and relocation of a meter set to the proposed Line KL
  • New ancillary facilities including an interconnect in McKean County and miscellaneous valve and piping modifications

Once completed, the project will enhance the reliability and safety of  National Fuel’s system, allow for continued transportation services performed by the abandoned facilities, and offer better connectivity for storage and transportation services to National Fuel’s Line K Pipeline.

It is expected to be placed in service in November 2018.

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