M² Subsea Awarded Survey Contract for Nord Stream 2

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M² Subsea has received a contract worth more than one million pounds to support survey work for the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline in the Baltic Sea.

Under the terms of the agreement, the company has been sub-contracted by Next Geosolutions to supply its Go Electra vessel, ROVs and personnel for the project.

The scope of work consists of deploying the Go Electra vessel from Hanko in Finland, which will be supported by 15 of M² Subsea’s personnel who will carry out the UXO identification work utilizing a Triton XLX 2 Work Class ROV and a Mohican 5 observation/inspection class ROV.

“This contract award from Next Geosolutions is great for the business and a significant scope of work for us to win,” M² Subsea chief executive officer Mike Arnold said. “It highlights both our personnel and asset capabilities to negotiate what is a very challenging subsea environment. Safety is a key factor on every project and in particular where it involves surveying the seabed to identify undiscovered explosive devices for removal. We are very pleased to have chartered the Go Electra which is a highly specialised vessel for subsea inspection, repair and maintenance work and ideal for supporting the conditions the team and ROVs face in the Baltic.”

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