Michels Continues To Demonstrate Commitment To Excellence

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Michels has a solid reputation for commitment to the highest quality levels of craftsmanship.  Michels says, it is more important than ever nowadays to align yourself with a company that is prepared to accept the challenges associated with today’s fast paced market.
  When you work with Michels you get top quality, cutting edge solutions and a safe job site. 
  To demonstrate how important quality is to Michels, the company recently took quality assurance one step further.  During the cold winter month of January, the company hosted a pipe coating research and development demonstration at its headquarters in Brownsville, WI.
  Michels invited three well-known pipe coating companies to demonstrate and test the differences and quality levels between fusion bonded epoxy (FBE) and liquid polymer.
  The companies, PIH (Pipeline Induction Heat Ltd), CRTS (Commercial Resins Technical Services) and CCSI (Commercial Coating Services International), were each given three days to test the different application methods and products. What the company describes as the world’s leading FBE manufactures’ products were tested: 1) 3M, 2) Valspar, 3) DuPont, 4) Denso, 5) Akzo Nobel and 6) S.P.C. (Specialty Polymer Coatings).
  According to Michels, holding this research and development shop was no easy task.  The company takes this opportunity to say “thank you” to Michels employees Ray Peplinski, Scott Hicks, Shawn Kampschroer, Mitch Hessel and Mike Schaefer for leading this workshop.
  And, none of this would have been possible without the support of the Brownsville Shop employees: Mike Haase, Rick Cowles and Tyler Thiel.