More Atlantic Coast, Supply Header Tree Felling Approved

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FERC has approved Atlantic Coast Pipeline, LLC’s and Dominion Energy Transmission, Inc.’s request to cut trees and vegetation in uplands and wetlands within the certificated right-of-way on U.S. Forest Service Lands as part of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and the Supply Header Project, with the exception of the following location:

  • Between mileposts 154.3 and 155.1

The 600-mile underground Atlantic Coast Pipeline will originate in West Virginia, travel through Virginia, and then continue south into eastern North Carolina, ending in Robeson County. The project also includes a lateral extending to Chesapeake, Virginia, and two additional laterals that will connect to two Dominion Energy electric generating facilities in Brunswick County, North Carolina and Greenville County, Virginia.

The Supply Header Project includes 37.5 miles of natural gas pipeline and the modification of existing compression facilities in West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Both projects are expected to be placed in service towards the end of 2019.

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