More Leach XPress Construction Approved

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FERC has approved TransCanada’s request to proceed with construction and/or installation of the following activities for the Leach XPress Project:

  •  All project workspaces and temporary and permanent access roads associated with the pipeline facilities not previously approved in the February 14 and February 15 letter order
  •  All project pipe yards and associated temporary access roads located in West Virginia;
  •  The Crawford Compressor Station and associated access road PAR-F-25 in Fairfield County, Ohio
  •  The K-260 Regulator Station and associated access roads PAR-F-26 and PAR- F-27 in Fairfield County, Ohio
  •  R-300 and R-500 odorization Sites in Lawrence County, Ohio

In addition, FERC approved the use of pipe yards No. 58 and No. 65 located in Marshall County, West Virginia and Fairfield County, Ohio, respectively.

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