Motorized Scaffold Inspection Device For Hard To Reach Pipelines

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Kinyon Construction, Inc. recently introduced the Pipe Inspection Cart, (patent pending) a motorized scaffold type inspection device designed to target otherwise inaccessible areas of overland stanchioned pipe systems.
  The PIC is designed to replace the need for several types of equipment such as cherry pickers, spider-baskets, and cranes for reaching different elevations of pipe for coatings, inspection, and maintenance work. Instead, a small crew can assemble the PIC on location and use it to traverse elevated sections of pipe at any height. Then disassemble it for easy transport to the next job site.
  Kinyon Construction says the PIC is engineered to safely carry a two-man crew and all necessary equipment for coating and other repairs on a 34-inch diameter natural gas pipeline. It does all this under the power of a 120 volt energy source, moving back and forth over a pipeline utilizing a dead-man button operating system for optimal safety.
  According to the company, the PIC meets California Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards for scaffold general requirements and suspended scaffolds, as well as the National Electrical Code set forth by the National Fire Protection Association.