MPG Pipeline Selects Denton As Project Superintendent

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MPG Pipeline Contractors has selected Mark Denton as project superintendent. Denton’s new role will make the most of his experience, knowledge and commitment to quality in supporting complex pipeline operations. With the addition of Denton to the MPG Pipeline team, the company will increase their geographic footprint while maintaining their high standards of operational success for each pipeline project and for each customer. 
  Denton has more than 30 years’ experience in the pipeline industry and has spent the last 14 years serving as a project superintendent. Denton holds extensive credentials and certifications including his OQ Certification in operations, maintenance and emergency of pipeline activities. Denton has managed projects throughout the U.S., spanning from Wyoming to Florida. His proficiency in the execution of pipeline projects ranges from coordination, fabrication, installation, maintenance, repair and remediation of pipelines and meter stations.