NDT Global receives Åsgard inspection contract from Statoil

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NDT Global has received a multi-million euro contract, on behalf of Gassco, from Statoil. In close collaboration with Statoil, NDT Global is developing a suitable inline inspection (ILI) tool for the Åsgard Transport gas pipeline. The company will also supply the in-line inspection tool to perform the corresponding survey. The offered inspection tool includes the latest in-house developments of combined inspection technologies. The Åsgard transport pipeline starts at the semi-submersible Åsgard B platform in the Norwegian Sea, and terminates at the Kårstø processing plant in southwest Norway. It has been in operation since October 2000.

The project presents a number of unique challenges: in addition to the line’s sizable 440-mile length, the wall thickness of the pipeline is exceptionally high – up to 55 mm. Under these conditions, ILI tools must be exceptionally durable, and still able to accurately detect any flaws that could compromise the pipeline’s integrity. Moreover, tools need to negotiate a sizable, 14-inch change in diameter in the 28 to 42-inch pipeline – all the while maintaining excellent operability, high data quality and accuracy. NDT Global has worked with Statoil in the scope of a Framework Agreement since 2006. The current purchase order was received in 2015 and in-line inspection is scheduled to commence in 2017.