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Midwestern Manufacturing
Midwestern Manufacturing Company produces the M583C sideboom attachment for the John Deere 1050J model crawler tractor, shown here. The M583C/1050J pipelayer has a maximum lift capacity of 140,000 lbs. and was developed by Midwestern’s engineering group working closely with John Deere Construction Division engineers and senior representatives.  The John Deere tractor with the Midwestern sideboom attachment has produced a pipelayer that has received high praise for its overall balance, visibility and operator friendly controls.  The 1050J model, as well as the Midwestern sideboom pipelayer attachments on the 750J and 850J model tractors, is available through the John Deere Construction Division Dealer network. Midwestern is based in Tulsa, Oklahoma and for over 50 years has engineered and manufactured specialized pipeline construction equipment. or 918-858-4234.

Pipeline Inspection Company Ltd.
Pipeline Inspection Company Ltd. offers a brochure illustrating its line of SPY® pig-tracking products for mainline transmission lines, gathering lines, subsea lines, municipal gas, water and wastewater lines and the refining and process industries. Information includes transmitter dimensions, signal life, pickup ranges, operating pressures, temperatures and minimum pipe-bend capabilities. It includes mounting options and accessories. PTRs for locating SPY transmitters are included. These transmitter-locating devices are portable and capable of producing a visual and audio output. They can be provided for 10,000-foot subsea applications. John Graham, 713-681-5837,

Mears Group
The Mears Group, a Quanta Services Company, is an international engineering and construction company with more than 500 employees encompassing pipeline related services. The Engineering/Technical Division provides turnkey pipeline integrity management services. The Horizontal Directional Drilling Division is one of the largest HDD contractors in the world, owning 28 HDD rigs working in the pipeline, utility and fiber industries. Projects include river, road and railroad crossings, shore approaches and intersects and installing steel, HDPE and FPVC

Worldwide Machinery Pipeline Division
Worldwide Machinery Pipeline Division recently provided U.S. Pipelines with an SPD-350 for their work on the Alberta Clipper pipeline project for Enbridge. The pipe sizes and length for this project, which is located neat Bemidji, MN, are 20 and 36 inches. In addition to providing the SPD-350, Worldwide Machinery was allowed to demonstrate the “gargantuan” SPD-450. With a screening area of 90 square feet, the 450 is described as the biggest and newest addition to SUPERIOR Manufacturing’s line of padding machines.

Lincoln Electric
Lincoln Electric has introduced its new 2010 Equipment Catalog with a new look and feel, as well as an online Fast-Flip eBook version that is accessible on Lincoln’s website. This online catalog, Bulletin E1.10, features intuitive, book-like navigation, making Lincoln’s entire product line more easily accessible. The catalog showcases the company’s wide selection of  equipment and accessories such as Viking™ helmets, Big Red™ 500, Panther™ and Cougar™ Guns, Power Wave® AC/DC 1000® SD, MAXsa™ wire drives and controllers; consumable: Accu-Pak® box and stem packages, Pipeliner® low alloy stick electrodes, Excalibur® stainless flux-cored wires and Submerged arc wires and fluxes; automated solutions: VRTEX™ 360, eCell™ LR and System 15; and environmental systems, including: Mobiflex® 100-NF, Modular extraction hood and Statiflex® 200 M.

PipeTech Inc.
PipeTech says its full product range of pipe bending equipment, internal pneumatic line-up clamps, pipe roller cradles, auxiliary pipeline equipment and supplies and a comprehensive range of pipelayers and sidebooms are ideally suited for your next pipeline construction project. The company can be reached 24-hour a day, seven days a week. In the event you need service or equipment support, they say they can get their people on any U.S. project by the same or next business morning.

Henkels & McCoy
Among the many services offered to the pipeline industry by Henkels & McCoy is pipeline integrity and corrosion control. The company offers a brochure concerning its pipeline services on its website and devotes a section to its midstream services in the pipeline and natural gas segment, including transmission engineering and design, transmission pipeline construction, transmission pipeline anomaly repair, integrity management survey, tie-in construction, complete compressor station construction and maintenance, meter and regulator stations, SCADA and control systems, pipeline integrity and corrosion control, launcher and receiver fabrication, pipeline re-coating, valve installation and replacement, directional drilling, river and bridge crossings, emergency management and response teams, pipe insertion, federal relocation projects, and operator qualification management and consultation.

The Firefly welding bug is IPWL’s new semi-automatic external pipeline welding machine. IPWL says the primary function of the Firefly is in welding oil, gas and water pipelines. It can also be used in the construction of petroleum storage tanks or other large vessels used to store flammable or non-flammable, liquids and gases or other substances requiring high-grade, repeatable welds. The company lists the following as some of the Firefly’ outstanding features: compact and lightweight design; self adjusting legs; password protected touchscreen human machine interface, industry standard PLC (programmable logic controller) and simple band clamping system. The Firefly’s compact size keeps it close to the weld so that coatings remain unaffected by fitting and removal of the guide band.

New auxiliary equipment from Herrenknecht can help supply existing HDD rigs with more pulling and pushing power. The Herrenknecht Pipe Thruster – installed at the destination hole – supports the HDD rig at the start shaft when the pipeline is to be withdrawn. This means that the forces exerted on the pipeline are distributed better because the Pipe Thruster  has an additional 500 tons of pushing power and can shift the pipeline towards the starting point at a speed of 5 meters per minute. The Pipe Thruster is suitable for current pipeline types measuring between 20 and 48 inches.

TechCorr points to its Long Range Guided Wave Ultrasonic Technique (LRGUT) designed to inspect 100% of a pipeline segment from one location. Torsional or longitudinal-guided waves are induced into the pipe body and propagated along the pipe segment being inspected. When these guided waves identify an anomaly or pipe feature, they mode convert into laminar waves and reflect back to the tool’s original location. Using a laptop, these signals are digitally captured. The time-of-flight for each signature is calculated to determine its distance from the tool. The cross-sectional area is calculated by amplitude and the circumferential extent determined by the focused beams (broken down in octants) to determine the significance of the defect. It meets and exceeds the PHMSA 18 points to examine casing and crossings.