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Ditch Witch
The Ditch Witch® organization has launched its most durable cupped digging teeth to date: DuraTooth™ and DuraTooth C2X™. The DuraTooth reportedly has up to 35% more tungsten carbide—on the surface, in the base metal, and in the weld—than any competitors’ standard cupped tooth. Tungsten carbide protects the cutting edge, where the greatest impact from the soil occurs, to ensure greater durability and performance. The new DuraTooth C2X is the company’s premium digging tooth, featuring tungsten carbide on the front, back, and cutting edge—up to 70 percent more tungsten carbide than that of any tooth on the market. In field tests, the DuraTooth C2X lasted twice as long as other digging teeth in various soil conditions—a return on investment that no competing tooth can match.

Vermeer has introduced the QuickFire™ connection system for use in horizontal directional drilling applications. The new QuickFire connection system was born from the company’s Firestick® drill stem design. According to the company, the proven thread profile used in Firestick, has become the industry standard for a high-quality, consistent and reliable tool joint on drill stem for over 15 years. The QuickFire connection system uses a coarse, tapered and robust thread, designed for quick makeup and flexibility. Connections can be completed with as few as four turns compared to most connection systems that typically require 15 turns, providing for fast and efficient tooling changes in the field. The coarse thread design also helps prevent cross-threading, stripped or damaged threads. Manufactured from 4140 alloy steel in a state-of-the-art machining facility located at Vermeer, the alloy steel is subjected to a heat treatment process that is unique to the industry and helps provide through hardness of the tool enhancing overall wear characteristics. An octagon collar design is used for ease of flat alignment and the QuickFire connection system is available in multiple sizes for machine sizes up to 5,000 pounds (6779 Nm) of torque.

Lincoln Electric
Whether it’s welding in the field, in the shop or in a garage, Lincoln’s new personal protection clothing line, Red Line™ welding apparel, offers the ideal gear for every application. The new Red Line apparel product group includes five types of welding gloves, four jacket options to effectively protect the arms and upper body. For wearing under the welding helmet, the product group includes doo rags, beanies and caps that protect the top of the head. Additionally, four pairs of indoor safety glasses and four for outdoor applications round out the Red Line personal protection welding apparel line. Welders can choose from clear, shaded and mirrored lenses that offer maximum protection and comfort. All eyewear meet ANSI Z87.1+ and CSA Z94.3 standards and offer 99.9 percent UV-A, UV-B and UV-C protection. Lincoln says the Red Line personal protection apparel is designed to work in tandem with the comprehensive line of Lincoln Electric VIKING™ auto-darkening welding helmets, including the new 1840 and 2450 series.
Caterpillar has introduced four E Series Hammer models—H110Es, H115Es, H120Es and H130Es—for use on small and medium excavators and the Cat® 450E backhoe loader. E Series Hammers feature a new symmetrical housing design, which allows rotating the housing 180 degrees to compensate for wear, effectively extending the life of the housing. One of the features continued in each E Series hammer is the external pressure control valve, which reduces service time when an adjustment is necessary. Sound suppression is standard for environmental protection and improved operator comfort. Caterpillar hammer settings are preprogrammed in Cat excavator tool control systems for easy set up. The oil flow and pressure are fully adjustable in the tool control program. Also, actual hammer working hours can be recorded for routine maintenance purposes. 

Gradall Industries, Inc.
Gradall Industries recently introduced the Vacall All Excavate hydro excavator designed for excavating around water, sewer, gas and utility lines and other jobs that don’t require vast excavation. The All Excavate has a high-pressure water system that contains a hydraulically driven variable speed system with rheostat control, conserving water usage and minimizing refill time. The system powers a wand that delivers a high-pressure stream to break up material. Water pumps are available in 10, 15 and 20 gpm with 3,000 to 3,500 psi. To protect from freezing, the water system, wand, control panel, tools and worker apparel are enclosed in a heated compartment. A hydro boom that rear-loads debris is located at the rear of the chassis. The 8-foot, 6-inch telescoping boom reaches at a 320-degree radius, allowing the operator to work on different jobs without having to reposition the chassis.

Holly Pipe  
If you are in the market for used drilling tubulars such as drill pipe, drill rod, drill collars, heavy weight drill pipe (HWDP) and pipe casing, get to know Holly Pipe. Drillers working in the oil and gas, utility, geothermal, water well, horizontal directional drilling (HDD), and trenchless underground construction industries rely on Holly Pipe for dependable drill pipe and manufacturing services required to maintain a drill string and reduce downtime in the field. Holly Pipe’s sales team can help you choose the right drilling tools and equipment to meet all your needs.

Tognum Group 
The Tognum Group’s new-generation MTU-branded EPA Tier 4i-compliant Series 2000 and Series 4000 diesel engines are designed for oil and gas applications. Both engines meet EPA Tier 4 interim emissions requirements solely through the use of in-engine technology. No after-treatment is necessary. The company says the engines also lead the field in terms of reliability, economy and performance. These Tier 4i-compliant engines lay the foundations for the EPA’s Tier 4 final regulations which will apply beginning in 2015. MTU’s goal is to find an in-engine solution to meet this even more stringent requirement. The Series 2000 engines for oil and gas applications covers the 1,150 to 1,560 hp (858 to 1,163 kW) power range and is used in various mechanical and electric drive applications in the exploration and production of oil and natural gas, for example in pumps, blenders, drill rigs, fracturing, hydration and nitrogen pump applications. The Series 4000 engine covers the 2,250 to 2,500 hp (power range) with a 12-cylinder version and is suitable for driving hydraulic fracturing or frac pumps. Both engines are being showcased at the 2011 Offshore Technology Conference in Houston.

Greene’s Energy Group
On its website, Greene’s Energy Group says it offers integrated solutions for drilling, production, pipeline, construction and well intervention. The company’s pipeline services include flushing, cleaning and testing to dewatering and abandoning. Whether onshore, on the continental shelf, or at deepwater sites, the company says Greene’s expertise will improve the productivity of your pipeline assets. Greene’s now has more than a dozen bases of operation throughout the United States and Brazil. As it continues to expand its services and product lines, the company has expanded its international reach to include every major market in the world.

Emerson Process Management
Emerson has introduced the FloBoss S600+ panel-mount flow computer for gas and liquid hydrocarbon metering. Building on the proven performance and reliability of the FloBoss S600, the S600+ can handle up to 10 individual streams simultaneously and has an increased port capacity, which is said to help reduce the complexity and cost of multi-stream fiscal custody transfer metering.  The S600+ also features a robust audit trail and enhanced security. The 10 meter streams can be a mixture of gas and liquid streams, and a combination of flow metering technology. The company says this allows greater potential for connecting multi-stream (multiple meter runs) metering applications to a single flow computer and takes advantage of the benefits that a flow computer provides when it meters the whole station rather than just part of it. The use of multi-stream flow computers greatly reduces the complexity, cost and time involved in system integration and testing.

HYTORC® says its Clamp-Nut™ has an established reputation as the industry’s most advanced connection device for sensitive, high-load applications.  But it’s the company’s integrated system that makes the Clamp-Nut successful in applications that range from mission-critical aerospace environments to key industrial processes. The company says the system begins with the Clamp-Nut, a three-piece fastener that includes an inner sleeve, outer sleeve and a washer. The fastener has a hardened surface in the inner sleeve and washer that prevents galling. In addition, the geometry of the three-piece design is intended to allow the fastener to safely bring increased mechanical tensioning to high loads.  Standard Clamp-Nuts have a load range that extends to 1.5 million pounds; unit sizes extend from 1 ½ inches to seven inches are standard.

Stanley Proto
Stanley Proto has added to its line of electronic torque wrenches three new Fixed Ratcheting Head models. The new wrenches accept  standard Proto sockets, and come in ¼-inch, 3/8-inch, and ½-inch drive versions with torque ranges from 25 in-lb  (2.8 Nm) to 250 ft-lb  (339 Nm). Stanley® Proto® Fixed Ratcheting Head Torque Wrenches are accurate to within +/- 2% of indicated value in both directions. The company says this broad accuracy range extends from 10% to 100% of Full Scale. In addition, 99 “on-board” memory storage locations are said to help improve efficiency when taking multiple torque readings. The fixed ratcheting head features a robust 24-tooth design with a 15° arc swing, an alloy steel drive gear for strength and durability, a low profile design for easy access, and a reversing lever design to ease one-handed operation.

Rhino Marking Systems
Rhino’s 400 Series SoilMarker is said to provide a low profile alternative to posts and signs.  The 4-inch disk is made from what the company calls its rugged RhinoPoly™ and can be installed in any landscaped area.  The single piece unit has an 8-inch stake that can be made with or without barbs, and comes in all APWA colors. The marker can be imprinted with logos and contact information for use as a pipeline, survey or boundary marker.

Ametek Process Instruments
Ametek Process Instruments says its new Model IPS-4 full-spectrum analyzer eliminates issues with analysis accuracy resulting from cross interference in complex streams.   Many gases exhibit multiple absorptions in the infrared spectrum. But these issues are said to be eliminated with the new analyzer. The company says this latest addition to its Model IPS-4 line of analyzers represents a quantum leap in technology and functionality.  The full spectrum analyzer is able to measure up to eight components using the most favorable absorptions in both UV and IR spectrums eliminating cross sensitivity concerns. The highly robust unit combines a non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) platform and integrated sampling system with a field-proven UV-Vis platform. It performs measurements simultaneously in the UV spectrum using diode array detection and in the IR spectrum using single beam multi-wave length technology. The readings are then cross correlated.

TechCorr’s SpiderWrap® is for such pipe wrap uses as reinforcement, corrosion protection, abrasion protection, impact protection, and – in certain instances – leak repair. It is a water-activated, resin-impregnated fiberglass fabric, made in varying lengths and widths to accommodate all pipe sizes and wall thicknesses. It is nontoxic, easy to apply and suitable for a variety of pipeline applications. The company says it is a fast, efficient, economical, easy-to-use alternative to any other repair product or replacement. In most applications, the need for pressure reduction is minimized and downtime is eliminated.