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Radiodetection’s advanced Current Direction (CD) feature, provided by the RD8000®PDL Multifunction Pipe and Cable Locator and the TX-10 transmitter, enables operators to continue to trace their target utility through today’s increasingly congested underground networks. The CD transmitter clamp is used to induce the CD signal onto the target utility when direct connection isn’t possible, convenient or permitted. Users can also use this clamp to induce low frequency signals onto cables for ‘ordinary’ location work. Once a CD signal has been applied to a target line, an operator can use the CD Stethoscope to identify it among a number of parallel or bunched utilities, simply by applying the stethoscope to each in turn.  The stethoscope and the RD8000PDL visually alert the operator when it is on to the target line.

Pipeline Inspection Company
The Pipeline Inspection Company Ltd.’s new eight-page brochure highlights the complete line of SPY® holiday detector, jeep meter and pig tracking equipment. Detailed descriptions are provided of the ergonomic 780,785, and 790 SPY® portable holiday inspectors as well as their compact and lightweight sponge Model  670 and in plant models. To accurately measure holiday detector outputs, the brochure describes three jeep meter products, two of which are pocket sized. SPY® pig tracking and locating equipment is also featured along with a display of the unique universal mounts offered that simplify mounting the SPY® PT 750 and PT 275 transmitters on most pig designs.
Denso has just released its new line of protection for pipeline coatings called Rock Shield.  This protective diamond mesh, manufactured from polyethylene, is great for protecting your pipeline coating from damaging rock backfills or any projects where pipelines are constructed through rocky terrains. It is provided on rolls that are 100-feet in length or custom pads that are designed for easy installations. The company says it not only can protect the pipeline coating from protrusions and abrasions, it is manufactured to withstand and stay flexible within extreme weather conditions and temperatures. Also, a cost effective standard duty version and a heavy duty version for those jobs that require a bit more protection are offered.

Hydratight’s new Hydrablock in-line weld testing unit offers easy operation and accuracy for testing flange welds on standard pipes from 0.75- to 36-inches, and up to 72-inches. The company says full testing is quick and easy to achieve on butt welds, joints or other welded pipe components. Hydrablock operates as a pair of radial pressure seals, one at each end of the device. When activated these seal the pipe either as a double-block device to plug the line, or on either side of the weld. Activation can be mechanical (up to 2-inch), or hydraulic. Once the weld is isolated between the seals, its integrity can be checked either with water or inert gas at up to 690 bar (10,000 psi).

John Deere Power Systems
John Deere Power Systems’ complete lineup of Interim Tier 4/Stage III B off-highway and gen-set diesel engines 56 kW (75 hp) and above will be available with a new factory-installed variable-speed fan drive. Factory-integrated, uniquely tuned to engine/fan size and controlled by the engine control unit, the new variable-speed fan requires no additional OEM installation or operator intervention. Not-to-exceed limits (NTE), which began January 1, 2011, for 130 kW (174 hp) and above power ratings, require engines to stay within the emissions standard across the normal operating range of an engine. The NTE regulation effective date for 56 kW (75 hp) to 130 kW (174 hp) engines is January 1, 2012.

Leica Geosystems
Leica Geosystems has released the next generation of its Leica SP Technology that they say further enhances flexibility and productivity when grading with a dozer.  SP Technology is designed to support machine control with total stations, providing high precision and increased grading speed in environments where GPS is not useable. The company says bulldozers can now take on even more fine grading jobs, completing work with less heavy equipment on site and helping contractors to finish their projects ahead of schedule and under budget. 

Miller Electric Mfg. Co.
Miller Electric Mfg. Co. has added a new line of industrial gloves to its Arc Armor™ Welding Protection portfolio. These gloves are designed to endure the long-term, repetitive abuse prevalent within manufacturing, fabrication and construction welding applications. Each glove features a three-dimensional pattern designed to fit the natural contours of the human hand. Multiple types and grades of leather are strategically selected and placed to maximize the benefits of each material based upon the intended application the glove will support. Performance-based linings are also incorporated to provide heightened protection and enhance user comfort. Together the design, materials and lining decreases the chance of hand injuries in the workplace — ultimately increasing productivity and overall safety of the welder.

Ditch Witch
The Ditch Witch® organization recently introduced the Ditch Witch FX25 vacuum excavation system, designed as an economical solution for contractors needing the essential services of a vacuum excavator. The FX25 is the direct result of customer requests for a low-cost, low-maintenance vac system that can perform a wide range of cleanup and soft excavation tasks. The FX25 is equipped with a 500-gallon (1893 L) spoils tank and an optional 80- or 200-gallon (303 or 757 L) water system with 3,000-psi (207 bar) water pressure. The low-cost, low-maintenance FX25 is very compact, making it easier to maneuver into and around tight jobsites.

Mpact® Downhole Motors
Mpact® Downhole Motors is offering a new capabilities brochure featuring the company’s downhole motors and related motor refurbishing and re-certification services for the North American directional, horizontal and vertical drilling markets. The company also recently reported that it set a new Barnett Shale daily footage record on September 3, 2010 using a Model 675 7833 HTS Mpact® Downhole Motor. According to the company, for a 24-hour period, the assembly drilled a total of 3,390 feet with an average rotating and sliding ROP of 167.95 ft/hr, setting a new field performance record. The record came on a Chesapeake Energy Corporation project in the Newark East Barnett field in Johnson County, TX. The Mpact® Downhole Motor used on the project was configured with a high torque, slow speed performance power section that incorporated Mpact’s stator elastomer. An 8-1/2-inch bearing stabilizer was attached to the lower assembly, and the proprietary adjustable bearing housing was set at 1.83 degrees.

Bacharach Inc.
Bacharach Inc. has a 44 page full color product catalog available in both electronic and print copy. Included are Bacharach’s newest products: PCA®3 Portable Combustion Analyzer; Tru Pointe® Ultra and Tru Pointe® Ultra HD, Tru Pointe® 1100 and Tru Pointe® 2100 Ultrasonic Leak Detectors; R22id and Pur-Chek™ Refrigerant Identifiers; Pur-Chek™ Pro Diagnostic Refrigerant Analyzer; Comfort Chek™ 500 Portable Air Quality Monitor and IEQ Chek™ Indoor Environmental Quality Monitor. For quick access to specific information, the catalog is divided into color-coded sections and products include symbols indicating test and measurement instrumentation for residential, commercial or industrial applications. To access an electronic copy of the catalog, visit

Fecon® offers the RTC22/500 as a turnkey mobile chipping package. Mounted on a TimberPro 830B forwarder, the company says it is the fastest American made all-terrain chipper. Fecon says it is highly productive in land clearing, biomass, pipeline and R.O.W. applications. The 8-wheeled off-road chipper gets to work at up to 12 mph, unproductive time hauling material to a trailer mounted chipper is avoided. Production speed is further enhanced by both loader reach and lifting capacity. It sets new standards with 12,880-lb capability at 15-feet and up to 31.5-feet of total reach and 360-degree rotation. The in-feed power of over 16,000 ft-lb of torque provided by Fecon’s Power Feed Management® and optional dangle head felling saw make the RTC22/500-8 a highly effective stand-alone chipping system. 

Providing secure lockout for all types and sizes of manual valves, Netherlocks offers the NL-H Hybrid Lock. The NL-H can secure valves in every position, and its universal compatibility eliminates the need for maintaining an inventory of assorted lockout products for each type of valve on-site. The universal NL-H uses a flexible steel cable to immobilize a valve’s handwheel or lever. The unit secures to the valve with a padlock, to ensure the valve cannot be operated. The NL-H is made entirely from corrosion-resistant 316 stainless steel to provide reliable operation in harsh environments such as in offshore or chemical applications.

GeoCorr,  LLC
The GeoCorr™ 4-inch MFL tool utilizes hall effect sensor technology to locate and measure corrosion and pitting. The inspection tool platform is 20% of OD collapsible in straight pipe and negotiates 3D bends. It can be used as a free swimming pig or as a tethered-wire line application. Data is analyzed by the company’s analysts, using the latest ILEye™ interpretation software. Burst pressure calculations are available in B31G, B31G modified or RSTRENG.

Lincoln Electric
Lincoln Electric has launched the SAE-300® engine-driven welder for pipeline welding applications. The new machine features Lincoln’s Dual Continuous Control™ technology, which allows for a welder to adjust two dials on the control panel for a precise setting of both voltage and current. Welders can adjust the arc for a snappy “digging” arc for root and hot passes on pipe with cellulosic electrodes, or for a soft “buttery” arc for pipe welding with low hydrogen electrodes. The SAE-300 supplies 300 amps of welding power at 60% duty cycle with a maximum output of 350 amps. This machine’s capabilities allow for an operator to stick weld up to 7/32-inch electrodes and arc gouge with up to 1/4-inch carbons. The unit is equipped with a 32.7HP Perkins® 404D-22 four cylinder water-cooled diesel engine, which runs at 1800 rpm.