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McLaughlin Group
The McLaughlin Group has introduced a new cradle boring machines — the first to be manufactured since the late 1960s. Unlike conventional earth boring equipment which initiates bores from a pit, a cradle boring machine (CBM) is suspended above a starting trench by a “cradle” held by two or more sidebooms. By eliminating the need for starting pits, the process speeds making bores under roads to lengths of 140 feet. The McLaughlin CBM 48 is powered by a 175-horsepower, air-cooled, turbocharged diesel engine and develops 170,000 foot pounds of rotary torque for installing in one pass steel casings in diameters of 12 to 48 inches. It features a 106-hp diesel engine and 138,000 ft-pounds of rotary torque for making one-pass installations of 12- to 48-inch diameter steel casings. To date, McLaughlin says it is the only manufacturer building new CBM units, although some companies are refurbishing and upgrading old models. The first two McLaughlin units produced were used to make 42-inch road crossings during construction of the Tiger Pipeline in Louisiana.

Sunbelt Equipment Marketing Inc.
Sunbelt Equipment Marketing Inc. has been servicing pipeline contractors since 1980. The company boasts the largest fleet of new and used IHI and Morooka crawlers, plus the capability to provide custom solutions to solve the most demanding pipeline construction projects.  The company website provides a host of information on available equipment ranging from payloads to attachments and applications. The company is also well known throughout the industry as the manufacturer of the flotation stringing trailer and over-the-road steerable pole trailers.

Lincoln Electric
Lincoln Electric says it is industry’s first international welding equipment manufacturer to add 2D Microsoft® Tag barcodes to its welding products. The Microsoft® Tag codes will appear on the product nameplates of some of Lincoln Electric’s most popular equipment. With just a quick scan from a web-enabled camera phone, these codes will aid consumers in the pre-sale distributor showroom environment with product selection and customers in the post-sale environment with operational tips and support resources. The new Tag codes – which are two-dimensional barcodes that encode text, URLs or other data and are readable by most camera phones – will allow consumers to access information without ever leaving the showroom, garage or shop. Users can immediately pull up operational help tips and videos, product specification sheets and competitive product comparisons, instruction manuals, related articles and company contact information on their web-enabled phones. This new tool is also ideal for distributor personnel assisting customers in the showroom to access details regarding products on display.

Swagelok® says its RHPS series domeloaded pressure regulators permit high flows and exhibit less droop than spring-loaded designs in controlling the pressure of liquids and gases. The domeloaded design relies on a pressurized chamber above an elastomer diaphragm in place of a spring to operate the regulator. Depending on regulator size and configuration, inlet pressures can range to 5800 psig (400 bar). Regulated pressures span 1.4 to 29 psig (0.10 to 2.0 bar), 0 to 1000 psig (0 to 70 bar), 0 to 2900 psig (0 to 200 bar), and 0 to 5800 psig (0 to 400 bar). They are available for pipe sizes ranging from 1/4 to 4 in. with corresponding Cv values ranging from 0.1 to 73. Larger models, 1-1/2 in. and above, include an integral pilot regulator to keep the dome pressure constant. Regardless of size, all include connections for installation of pressure gauges or other pressure measurement devices.

PolyPipe®, Inc. has introduced a new video featuring the technological advancements made in the manufacturing process of their polyethylene pipe. The new video, available on DVD, identifies the advancements made by PolyPipe® in manufacturing technology, including 360° coverage ultrasonic wall monitors that optimizes the manufacturing process and ensures standardization of products by precisely measuring both the wall thickness and outside diameter of each pipe manufactured. Detectors have also been integrated that alert of any irregularities in the manufacturing process and immediately removes them from the system. To view the new video, go to

Paul Davis, Inc.
If you are looking for hardwood products such as pipeline skids, dragline, crane and laminated mats, you need to get in touch with Paul Davis Inc. The company can provide all your timber product needs along with such specialty products as transition mats built to your individual specifications, wedges and rough sawn industrial timber products from local hardware species. According to the company yellow pine timber products are now being offered for a variety of industries.

Condux International
Condux International offers the complete line of Triple D HDD and compaction boring tools and equipment, including backreamers.  The firm’s Triple D line of backreamers includes solid body and solid body fluted reamers, wing reamers, clay reamers, as well as stacked plate, and barrel reamers.  All units are manufactured from either solid alloy steel, tool steel or heat-treated alloy steel for strength and durability.  Each reamer is available in a range of sizes and with various swivel options (when applicable) to meet specific application requirements. The entire catalog of Triple D products available can be found online at:

MS Energy Services®
MS Energy Services® is offering a new brochure featuring the company’s single source of supply capabilities that allow it to effectively provide a broad range of field-proven, performance-critical support services and equipment to satisfy all contractual directional drilling and surveying requirements. The six-page, full color brochure features photographs and descriptive content that provide an overview of the company’s services and equipment, including: directional and horizontal drilling services, downhole surveying, measurement while drilling (MWD) services, downhole motors and steering tool services. This new brochure also highlights information on the four divisions that comprise MS Energy Services. These divisions include : MS Directional; MS Guidance; MS Survey; and MS Wireline. Call (936) 332-2500 to obtain a copy of the brochure.

Michels Directional Crossings
Michels Directional Crossings says it has become recognized throughout North America as a leader in horizontal directional drilling. The company says it has established several industry records since 1986 and continues to lead the way. A good example, says the company, is the recent installation of seven horizontal directionally drilled crossings during the installation of the HubLine natural gas pipeline near Boston, MA, last November.

Triflo International Inc.
Triflo’s 3500 HDD mud system is described by the company as featuring a 3,500-gallon, two-compartment tank that measures 7-feet wide by 20-feet long by 5-feet high. It has a mud cleaner that is able to process fluid at 789 gpm and a 24 sf scalping shaker. The tank is said to include necessary plumbing for three centrifugal pumps, one mud cleaner and a 4-inch mud hopper. The unit includes mud slides, dump gates, fold-down catwalk, handrails, toe plate, grating, ladder, lighting and single control panel with pump and motor starters.

Vermeer says its Armor Drilling System offers single HDD tooling with multiple drilling options. It offers multiple drilling bits that are described as easily changed to adapt to varying ground conditions during a bore. The company explains this helps eliminate the need to purchase multiple housings and tools for different applications and processes.

Vacmasters says it manufactures a complete family of air-vacuum excavation systems and directional boring mud vacuums. The company says is System 4000, System 3000 and System 1000 air-vacuum excavators enable operators to pothole using high-pressure air 95% of the time while still have having water available if it is needed. The company says its SpoilVac mud vacuums, now available on-line/factory direct, are the highest quality, most economical systems available anywhere.

Mears Group
Mears Group reports it is one of the largest Horizontal Directional Drilling contractors in the world. The company says it has 26 drilling rigs with capabilities of up to 1.3 million pounds of pullback and the ability to install pipe up to 60-inches in diameter. Mears says it has completed continuous bores up to 8,000 feet long. It specializes in marine HDD work (shore approaches and water-to-water crossings) and large intersecting drillings, Mears says it is recognized as a world class leader in horizontal direction drilling with projects completed in many areas of the world. Since its formation 40 years ago, Mears says it has developed from a small engineering company into an international turn-key pipeline company.

Serimax is an international full service welding company  that can plan, design, manage and provide fully integrated welding solutions on land and at sea, in the most extreme conditions and challenging environments. According to the company website, Serimax APAC completed the welding of 4 pipelines on the Seligi project with TL Offshore for ExxonMobil in Malaysia. The project involves the welding of 16-km of clad lines (Inconel 625) with 0.99% repair rate and with production of 60 welds per day. Two pipelines and 698 consecutives welds on this project have been performed without repair. This project clearly demonstrates Serimax’s expertise and ability to exceed client’s expectations in terms of high quality welding services requirements and productivity.