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Darby Equipment
With the recent addition of a powerful new 8 to 14-inch model, Darby Equipment’s line of pipe facing machines now covers pipe prep and counter boring on all pipe dimensions and wall thickness from 8- to 48-inch with just three models. All three, 8- to 14-inch, 12- to 26-inch and 24- to 48-inch models feature Darby’s uniquely engineered quick change-out  (20 to 30 minute average) nose cone/clamping sections for easy pipe size transference and minimum downtime on projects requiring multiple pipe sizes. It is now possible for contractors to cover pipe facing and counter bore needs on many projects with one machine and two nose cone/clamping sections. All three models offer robust hydraulic systems incorporating Parker seal lock fittings for leak-free operation, low-speed, high torque hydraulic motors driving beefed up, balanced flywheels and of course Darby’s rigid support frames adaptable for right-of-way or offshore projects.

Veriforce has added Fatigue Awareness training for gas controllers and supervisors to its line of Operator Qualification (OQ) tasks and training courses. The new Fatigue Awareness modules provide the training needed to efficiently implement the new PHMSA Control Room Management (CRM) rules regarding Fatigue Awareness and Mitigation training. Veriforce Fatigue Awareness offers a training module for gas controllers and their supervisors, family take home handout, and fatigue safety board posters.  In addition to Fatigue Awareness training, Veriforce offers OQ covered tasks and customized OQ services, Safety and Environmental Management services, Contractor Safety Management services, Drug and Alcohol compliance, Welder Certification tracking, and Web-based training.

Lincoln Electric
Lincoln Electric has added the LN-25 Pipe and LN-25 Ironworker® to its line of compact construction-ready LN-25 wire feeders. The two new products – the LN-25 Pipe and LN-25 Ironworker –were developed to meet the individual needs of operators in the pipeline and ironworking industries. Compared to the standard model, the two new models add a digital display for viewing amperage and wire feed speed at the feeder. The LN-25 Pipe also has a 14 lb. Innershield® FCAW-S coil adapter and a variable wire feed speed range set at the factory to low (50-400 ipm). The LN-25 Ironworker is set at the factory to high (50 – 700 imp), and both of these wire feeders are outfitted with 5/64 in. (2.0 mm) cored wire drive rolls and a guide kit. The Dual Power model is the only product in this family with a voltage control knob for superior arc control as well as MIG-STT® (Surface Tension Transfer®) capabilities. The LN-25 PRO Dual Power version can be powered by either a control cable or across the arc cable. The Extra Torque model has high torque gearing for sure feeding of large diameter flux-cored wires. Email:
Denso North America
SeaShield SplashZone UW Epoxy is a solvent-free patching compound used for repairing pits, cracks and voids in steel, concrete, wood and other surfaces with very minimal experience or tools required. By simply mixing two equal parts together, the product can be applied by gloved hand, trowel or broad knife, to wet or underwater surfaces. According to Denso, the product can be applied up to 2 inches thick as a patch or grout repair in various splashzone applications. With a fast cure time, you can quickly repair corrosion damage without any new corrosion damaging agents setting in.

U.S. Trencher & Supply Inc.
U.S. Trencher & Supply, Inc. is your source for pipeline wheel trencher parts for Cleveland®, Barber Greene®, Capitol® and Jetco® products. If you have purchased an American made part, chances are it was made by U.S. Trencher. The company sells to dealers and contractors. They offer a quick response to calls or email requests for quotes and company officials say they will meet or beat any price on comparable made in the U.S.A. parts.   

SubSurface Instruments
SubSurface Instruments manufactures underground and underwater magnetic pipe and cable location equipment, magnetic field measuring and reporting equipment, and water leak detection equipment. According to the company, the PL-2000 Pipe and Cable Locator offers a new approach in high power, low frequency locating. With three active frequencies, two passive frequencies, four modes of operation, and both inductive and direct connection capabilities, the PL-2000 is powerful and versatile, but still surprisingly easy to use and cost effective. Current measurement in the “Depth” function can verify you are tracing the correct line in congested utility corridors.

Trachte’s modular, pre-engineered, pre-assembled enclosures are flexible in size/design, built around an expandable galvanized steel framework, and available in transportable sizes from 4- to  30-feet wide. They are factory-complete and fitted with customer-specified equipment. The company says more than 7,300 Trachte buildings have been installed.

New South Equipment Mats
New South Equipment Mats is adding the SureTrak and TuffTrak composite access mats to its lineup of EarthSafe products. New South has teamed up with Zigma Ground Solutions, maker of composite matting, to design the mats to cover light and heavy access and ground protection needs specifically for the U.S. market. EarthSafe, a division of New South Equipment Mats is known for providing environmentally responsible access solutions, and with Zigma’s help, the inventory of eco-sensitive products just got bigger. The mats are primarily used for temporary roadways and ground protection, and they have also been designed to be ideally suited for use on heavy construction such as for pipelines.

Marsh Bellofram Corporation
The BelGAS division of Marsh Bellofram Corporation has introduced the Type P627, a high-performance, spring loaded, direct operating high-flow gas regulator, designed to control both low- and high-output pressure in oil and gas applications. Designed for maximum durability, the regulators are compact and offered in multi-position body and spring case configurations, with a choice of aluminum, steel or LCC body, bonnet and diaphragm casings and with a durable powder-coated epoxy exterior finish. Units offer installation versatility, ease of operation and set pressures, as well as a wide range of available flow capacities and spring ranges. Regulators are also available in an external pressure registration model (P627M) and with optional NACE compliant construction. These features make the Type P627 ideal for use in other types of industrial monitoring applications, such as city gas gate regulation; fuel gas, industrial plant air and gas regulation; gas gathering; farm tap gas regulation; and system pressure reduction.

M. J. Friedl & Associates
The GasTracker™, developed by the French company MADE in close collaboration with Gaz de France, is designed to accurately locate buried plastic gas pipes. Developers say this technology locates plastic gas pipes with or without tracer wire. The device works by using a transmitter which sends an acoustic wave through the gas. Then, using a receiver, the gas operator is able to locate and trace the plastic pipe. The GasTracker offers two locating modes: Prelocate helps the operator to locate the area where the gas line is located; and the Pin-point mode  finds the precise pipe location. M.J. Friedl & Associates is the distributor for the GasTracker in the U.S. and Canada.

E-Z Drill
Known for its lines of concrete drilling and doweling equipment, E-Z Drill is offering a vertical drill tailored to gas utility companies. The Model 20 UTL is said to save valuable time and money by allowing companies to pinpoint the site of a gas leak without tearing out a significant stretch of roadway. With the drill, utility companies can drill through the road surface at periodic intervals to check for gas. The standard 18-inch drill depth can be significantly modified based on needs, with depths customized to several feet deep. Drill bit diameters range from 5/8-inch to 2-1/2 inches. A minimum of 100 cfm compressed air is required for operating the

CorDEX Instruments
CorDEX Instruments has launched a new ultrasonic tool for detecting corrosion in pipelines which the company says provides the ability for the first time to build a predictive maintenance program to improve safety. The company unveiled the dynamic handheld UT5000 at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston. The intrinsically safe tool for non-destructive testing has the ability to rapidly measure metal thickness to establish the extent of corrosion and is combined with intelligent data tracking. The tool uses RFID technology to locate and log up to 1,000 measurements, each linked to a specific location, date and time. It can be used for days or weeks in the field before the data is downloaded, providing accurate corrosion analysis and helping to predict potential failures. A unique corrosion mode helps identify thinning spots and MultiECHO™ technology improves measurement accuracy on uneven surfaces.