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Ditch Witch®
Ditch Witch®  has introduce the All Terrain Air Hammer that is designed to work with Ditch Witch All Terrain directional drills to penetrate extremely hard rock with greater efficiency than mud motors or other types of air hammers. The company says one advantage the All Terrain Air Hammer has over its competitors is patented All Terrain technology, which enables the device to continuously drill as it is being steered, resulting in a faster, more efficient bore. Unlike other air hammers, the All Terrain Air Hammer requires no oiler or drilling mud, which saves on maintenance expense, and has a very low flow rate, so fluid costs are minimal.

Miller Electric Mfg. Co.
Miller Electric Mfg. Co. recently introduced Big Blue® 450 Duo CST, a dual-operator diesel engine-driven welding generator that features two CST 280 Stick/TIG inverters and 12,000 watts of continuous three-phase power in a single unit. Powered by Mitsubishi’s S4L2 4-cylinder diesel engine, the company says it provides increased productivity by allowing two welders to work off the same machine with two separate welding outputs. The machine is designed to offer superior performance on difficult Stick electrodes found in structural steel and fabrication applications, such as E6010, and excellent TIG performance for pipe fabrication and maintenance applications.

Swagelok has added five new tools to the company’s equipment product line to complement its orbital welding equipment and tubing offering. Designed for portability and ease of use, the expanded product selection includes four new tube facing tools and one cutting tool. The new tools include : TF16 – For preparation of thin-walled tubing from 1/8 to 1 inch OD. The TF16 is available in both electric and cordless versions. TF24 – For preparation of thin-walled tubing from 1/8 to 1 1/2 inch OD. TF40 – For preparation of thin-walled tubing from 1/4 to 2 ½-inch OD. Also available in both electric and cordless versions.

Weiler Corporation
Weiler Corporation’s 4-1/2-inch Roughneck is designed specifically for use on 4-1/2-inch mini-grinders.  Although 4-1/2-inch is the most popular size of small angle grinder, welders and fabricators using this tool have traditionally been limited to 4-inch diameter stringer bead wheels for surface preparation, root-pass weld cleaning and inter-pass weld cleaning. Weiler’s 4-1/2-inch brush is designed for the greatest cleaning action and longest product life on small angle grinders and features a high knot count and a short trim length.  This design results in a 35% improvement in cleaning action, up to 20% less wire loss and a 50% longer brush life than a comparable 4-inch stringer bead brush.

The new DL220 articulated wheel loader from Doosan is ideally sized to handle a wide range of material handling tasks, from loading and transporting sand and gravel, to snow and storm debris removal. Built around a Tier 3 compliant, 148-horsepower 6-cylinder Doosan DL06 diesel engine, the DL220 offers an operating weight of 27,205 pounds and a bucket capacity of 3 cubic yards. Dump height of 9 feet 4 inches and dump reach of 3 feet 6 inches make truck-loading easy. With the new DL220, the Doosan range of articulated wheel loaders now includes 10 models with bucket capacities from 2.0 to 6.8 cubic yards that are featured in the company’s Wheel Loader Product Guide.

Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies
Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies has introduced the new Durashell 370 service body to its extensive lineup of Durashell fiberglass composite utility bodies. The company says agencies and fleet managers are looking for a way to save costs on their van or SUV replacement. The Durashell 370 is an exclusive product that provides 370 cu-ft of internal storage space and can be transferred, fully loaded, from one pickup truck to another in minutes. What makes the Durashell 370 unique, is that there are no holes drilled anywhere in the bed of the truck as it uses 4 corner tie down clamps to lock the body in place by clamping under the bed rail.

Lincoln Electric
For fully automated pipe welding applications, Lincoln Electric has introduced Pipeliner® 81M, a gas-shielded, flux-cored (FCAW-G) wire designed for hot, fill and cap pass welding on up to X70 grade pipe. Pipeliner 81M provides optimal performance during automated pipe welding applications where consistent arc length is critical. E-Mail:

BARCO Rent-A-Truck
The BARCO Rent-A-Truck is your one stop shop for commercial business rentals, personal rentals and fleet services. The company website explains that BARCO provides rental trucks throughout the entire Continental United States and works with all industries from small business to fortune 500 companies. Quality customer service is also a top priority at BARCO along with professional, and timely service.

Hammersmith Mfg.
On its website, Hammersmith Mfg. spotlights its FlexxRight® excavating bucket as one of the most dynamic products ever to be introduced into the pipeline and utility excavation, location and inspection market. The FlexxRight® bucket is a heavy-duty carbon steel attachment saddle married to a flexxible, CNC milled polyethylene bucket body that resists impacts, eliminates dangerous and costly pipeline and utility damage and brings strength and efficiency to all of your excavation and location jobs.

TechCorr’s SpiderWrap® is for such pipe wrap uses as reinforcement, corrosion protection, abrasion protection, impact protection, and – in certain instances – leak repair. It is a water-activated, resin-impregnated fiberglass fabric, made in varying lengths and widths to accommodate all pipe sizes and wall thicknesses. It is nontoxic, easy to apply and suitable for a variety of pipeline applications. The company says it is a fast, efficient, economical, easy-to-use alternative to any other repair product or replacement.

The Kobelco SK850LC Super ACERA full size excavator features an enhanced cab design for operator cmfort and efficiency. The machine provides extremely competitive breakout, drawbar pull and swing torque forces, combining precision and power. The SK850LC has four standard working modes. The H Model allows heavy digging and high productivity. The S Mode delivers standard digging and increased fuel economy. The B Mode powers one-way flow attachments.

Detcon’s Model FP-100 is a low power gas detection sensor designed to detect and monitor combustible gases in air over the range of 0-100% LEL using catalytic bead sensor technology. The sensors are 4-20mA and feature intelligent electronics with automated calibration and comprehensive fault diagnostics. All electronics are fully encapsulated in an electro-polished 316 stainless steel housing.