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The new Cat® 349E hydraulic excavator features a 396 net horsepower Cat C13 ACERTTM engine that meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Interim emissions standards. The company says the new 349E delivers more engine and hydraulic horsepower than its 345D predecessor while consistently averaging five percent improved fuel efficiency in typical applications. The 349E’s Cat C13 engine, which operates either on ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel (ULSD) or a blend of ULSD and 20% biodiesel (meeting ASTM 6751 or EN 14214), uses the Cat Clean Emissions Module (CEM) to meet stringent Tier 4 Interim standards. The CEM regeneration system is designed to be transparent to the operator and regenerate when the conditions are optimal with no operator intervention.

Weiler Corporation
Weiler Corporationhas published an updated, comprehensive Solutions Resource Guide that covers everything from deburring and grinding to cleaning and finishing. Designed for ease of use, the catalog is a reference tool, and the color coded sections make it easy to find the four major product lines (Power Brushes, Nylox® Abrasive Nylon Filament Brushes, Abrasives and Maintenance Products).  A table of contents, item number index and alphabetical index help to quickly locate products.  New products include 4-1/2-inch Roughneck Jr. stringer bead wheels, dually weld cleaning brushes, high filament retention (HFR) brushes, an expanded Burr-Rx product offering, an FME solutions program, an expanded Vortec Pro bonded abrasives line, Pro-Flex sweeps, and an eco-friendly Green Works maintenance product line.

Moyno® Pumps
Moyno, Inc. offers the Moyno® 2000 progressing cavity pumps for lease automatic custody transfer (LACT) applications in the oil and gas industry. When you need to transfer ownership of liquid hydrocarbons between a buyer and a seller through an LACT Unit, Moyno 2000 pumps can provide signification performance and cost-saving benefits. Moyno 2000 pumps are less expensive and have a smaller footprint than piston and gear pumps, which are major benefits when selecting pumps for your LACT Units. The Moyno pump is well recognized for handling abrasive fluids, efficiently providing long service life and a positive return on investment.

Trelleborg Offshore has introduced a diver-friendly piggyback clamp designed to improve safety during installation. Trelleborg developed the clamp at the request of McDermott in collaboration with Trelleborg Offshore UAE distributor, Unique Maritime Group.  The Trelleborg system includes the use of edge treated banding and a new fastening system which eliminates sharp edges, reducing the risk of cuts to the diver. Manufactured from marine-grade polypropylene, the piggyback saddle can fit carrier pipelines from 20 – 42 inches and line sizes from 1.25- to 3.5 inches. Email:

Ditch Witch
The Ditch Witch 830R/T (receiver/transmitter) system is designed to provide best performance at a high active frequency. One advantage of a high-frequency locator is its ability to trace poor conductors, such as ungrounded tracer wire, and locate short lengths of utility infrastructure better than low-frequency units. Ditch Witch says the numerous automatic features—such as gain control, auto depth, and visual and audio feedback—make the 830R/T easy for even novice operators to confidently identify and trace metallic pipe or cable, water, and gas distribution lines.

Mpact® Downhole Motors
Mpact® Downhole Motors combines advanced technology, engineering expertise, quality manufacturing capabilities and application experience to continuously increase its downhole motor run success ratio. As a result, Mpact® motors have reached a 98% run success rate, which is a noteworthy standard of performance in the oil and gas drilling industry.  The company says the mean time between failures (MTBF) using high quality Mpact® motors also continues to consistently improve. At Mpact® Downhole Motors, the MTBF in 2010 was 3,509 hours, a 13% improvement over previously recorded statistics.

Hobart Brothers
Hobart Brothers is offering two new self-shielded flux-cored wires designed specifically to improve welding performance on high-strength pipe welding applications. The company says the Hobart® Fabshield® 79T8™ and Fabshield 79T8 Ni2™ wires both provide excellent out-of-position welding capabilities and generate a fast-freezing, self-peeling slag to minimize instances of slag inclusions and reduce cleanup time. Their smooth arc characteristics and excellent weldability help increase operator appeal and reduce fatigue. Hobart Brothers designed the Fabshield 79T8 wire specifically for welding Grade X70 and below steel, as well as API 5L oil and gas transmission pipelines. The Fabshield 79T8 Ni2 wire meets the mechanical and chemical requirements for welding API 5L Grade X80 pipe and can also be used for non-pipeline applications, including storage tanks and structural applications.

A pipe milling end prep tool for performing any angle of weld prep on high temperature and high pressure heavy wall, hard stainless steel and alloyed piping systems is available from ESCO Tool. The company says the pipe milling end prep tool can perform any angle of weld prep including compound and multi-angle preps on stainless steel, Super Duplex, P-91, and other hard alloyed pipes.  Featuring one mandrel and only seven sets of clamps for the full 3.75-inch I.D. to 14-inch O.D. range of the tool, this portable end prep tool pulls a thick chip without cutting oils. Available with pneumatic or hydraulic motors, the Esco Commander MILLHOG® pipe milling end prep tool is built for fabricating and maintaining high temperature and high pressure piping systems.