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Enduro Pipeline Services
Enduro is offering the dual-diameter DigiTel Flux Logger (DfL™). Pipe ranges covered include 10-inch x 12-inch, 8-inch x 10-inch and 6-inch x 8-inch. The unit acquires data from several sources simultaneously in the pipe sizes listed, all in one pass. According to the company, this negates the need to perform independent surveys for each pipe size. It provides data sets for conducting metal loss, deformation and inertial surveys. Internal and external discrimination and residual field data are taken in one pass. Processing and analyzing the closely coupled data allows software users/analysts to more readily recognize pipeline features and assess conditions. Any areas indicating geometry and/or metal loss features are simultaneously evaluated for deformation, strain, profile, and permeability variations.

Pipeline Inspection Company Ltd.
Pipeline Inspection Company Ltd. offers a brochure illustrating its line of SPY® pig-tracking products for mainline transmission lines, gathering lines, subsea lines, municipal gas, water and wastewater lines and the refining and process industries. Information includes transmitter dimensions, signal life, pickup ranges, operating pressures, temperatures and minimum pipe-bend capabilities. Mounting options and accessories are included. PTRs for locating SPY transmitters are also included. These transmitter-locating devices are portable and capable of producing a visual and audio output. They can be provided for 10,000-foot subsea applications.

Pedero Pipe Support Systems
Polyurethane ditch pillows are used to support pipe from laying on rock or rough surfaces so the protective coating is not damaged. Pillows can now be pre-formed allowing each pillow to cure. The company says they are lightweight and easy to install from the top of the ditch. Pillows can also be sprayed in place on the job site, but pre-formed are said to be much more efficient.


Load’N’Go is a slip-on truck body from Fleetwest that offers the following innovative features: Universal fit for all major brand standard pickup trucks; fits both new or existing used fleet vehicles; offers standard key locks plus pad-lockable security; built-in forklift tunnels and lifting jack receptacles for easy installation and removal; and models are available for both long and short bed pickups.

Lincoln Electric Automation
Robo Pipe™ from Lincoln Electric Automation is a versatile, easy to use, cost effective and highly productive pipe welding system that is ideal for pipe fabricators. The Robo Pipe™ system takes the capabilities of Lincoln Electric’s revolutionary Power Wave® 455M/STT® Robotic power source and combines them with an easy to use robotic welding system.
  Unique power source features such as STT® (Surface Tension Transfer®) and Waveform Control Technology® provide the capability to make open root welds with STT® and change “on the fly” to pulse spray GMAW (MIG) for the hot, fill and cap passes. Welding procedure flexibility in an easy to operate robotic system is why Lincoln officials say the Robo Pipe™ is an unmatched automated welding solution for the pipe industry.

Leslie Equipment Company
Leslie Equipment Company recently joined the SENNEBOGEN dealer network and is now selling, servicing and providing parts for the Sennebogen Green Line. Wayne A. Hoffman was brought on board at Leslie Equipment Company as the product sales specialist for the SENNEBOGEN line.
CRC-Evans Engineered Systems
With a double jointing operation from CRC-Evans Engineered Systems, right-of-way welds are said to be reduced by half, as would be expected – but there are other advantages as well. CRC-Evans double jointing systems come with an array of digital technologies that streamline the process and ensure quality.  A digital control system allows the operator to increase weld speeds and improve efficiency in single or multi-arc applications.  The company says these digital enhancements provide up to 35% more throughput over standard multi-arc systems. Other CRC-Evans system advantages include :  95% power factor correction (for lower installation costs where multiple machines connect to the same plant); remote access; complete versatility in voltages and software; and waveform control technology for complete control of welding details.  A user-friendly panel provides single-point control over all functions throughout the welding project and saves procedure data for later access.

TechCorr describes its SpiderWrap® as being for such pipe wrap uses as reinforcement, corrosion protection, abrasion protection, impact protection, and – in certain instances – leak repair. It is a water-activated, resin-impregnated fiberglass fabric made in varying lengths and widths to accommodate all pipe sizes and wall thicknesses. It is nontoxic, easy to apply and suitable for a variety of pipeline applications. The company says it is a fast, efficient, economical alternative to any other repair product or replacement. In most applications, the need for pressure reduction is minimized and downtime is eliminated.

Cross-Link Composites
Cross-Links Composites has announced the availability of the Carbon-Ply Composite Repair System (CRS). It is a non-metallic, monolithic carbon fiber composite repair system for damaged or corroded pipelines in high and low-risk pipe and pipe-work applications. The patented system, which is said to meet and exceed PCC-2, is designed to permanently repair non-leaking pipe with up to 80% external pipe wall loss due to damage or corrosion. It is described as capable of restoring the structural integrity of the damaged pipe and prevent further deterioration. The firm says the superior composite is quickly and cleanly installed and the repaired pipeline can be brought back online in two hours or less. The Carbon-Ply CRS can also be used as a temporary repair for internal corrosion on piping. The product, by its inherent design, addresses industry concerns regarding the health and safety of installers and their exposure to toxins. In fact, it is said to be the world’s first monolithic composite for the repair of high pressure pipelines with no ecological effects to either the installers or the environment.

Team Industrial Services
A literature flyer has been published by Team® Industrial Services placing a spotlight on the Pipeline Pigging Wye, which is described as an innovative solution for launching and retrieving pigs. Features listed in the flyer include design pressure of 1,480 psig at 100 degrees F, design factor-Class 3 (.5), rated ANSI 600, fabricated with 3D bends to accept all pits (cleaning through smart), designed to the customer’s specifications, available as fabricated or forged-cast body design and available in 4-inches to 42-inches line size. Benefits listed include temporary launching and receiving station, designed for limited footprint in HCAs, multiple installation methods, reduce ROW foot print due to removal of launch and receive hardware and reduced installation costs and little to no maintenance costs.

Structural Integrity Associates

Structural Integrity Associates offers a flyer that says it has collaborated with the Northeast Gas Association (NGA) and Southern Gas Association (SGA) to develop a distribution integrity management plan (DIMP) template (with supporting User Guide) and offer it for $18,950. The DIMP plan template is described as easily modified and adopted for gas distribution companies. The plan framework is said to address all major elements of the new regulation. The flyer asks, Why purchase this Plan? It explains, unlike other simpler, on-line based programs, the NGA/SGA plan authored by Structural Integrity was designed to handle a complete program. Also, according to the flyer, a software solution and supporting engineering services are available to the gas utility to help in evaluating and ranking risks. The flyer says this leads to an immediate ROI realized through manpower savings in customization, implementation and periodic evaluation.

Miller Electric Mfg. Co.

Miller Electric Mfg. Co. has introduced the Big Blue® 400 Eco Pro welder generator for work in pipe welding, structural steel, fabrication, field maintenance and repair applications. Offering Stick, TIG, MIG, FCAW and CAC-A processes, the company says the Big Blue Eco Pro reduces fuel use up to 25% and is 44% smaller and 41% lighter than other models with similar output. Its 5,500 watts of peak power is sufficient to run lights, grinders and many electrical tools, while its Mitsubishi S4L2 Tier 4i compliant diesel engine is designed to run 10,000 hours before a major overhaul and produces 50% less noise than previous models. The company claims taking into account average diesel costs of $4 gallon and the habits of a typical user—50% idle time, 40% at 150 amps and 10% at 400 amps—a welder can save up to $1,990/yr per machine in fuel costs without sacrificing performance.