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Darby Equipment
Darby Equipment now offers AccuBend, a rugged, reliable bending measurement system accurate to within 1/10 degree. Using advanced technology, the system is designed for ease of use with two magnet base transmitters that hold securely to the outside wall of the pipe. The transmitters send serialized radio frequencies to a single receiver located at the operator’s stand. Other features are constant digital readout, automatic shutoff to preserve battery life and a compact, self-contained carrying case. The AccuBend eliminates the need to climb onto pipe, keeps the work moving and one unit is good for bending all pipe sizes.

Dyna Torque-Numax
For fully automated pipe welding applications, Dyna Torque-Numax has introduced the LoneStar Automated GTAW (TIG) orbital welder. LoneStar TIG® was designed for the most sensitive and critical welds in the industry. It delivers automated GTAW (TIG) welding process for pipe welding in 1G, 2G, 5G, 6G positions. The system is powered by the Lincoln Electric Precision TIG 375® welding power source. LoneStar TIG provides microprocessor controlled welding parameters and real-time welding data monitoring and acquisition.Welding parameters are easily adjusted with the Dyna Torque-Numax built-in welding software application, WPEdit®.

Heath Consultants
Heath Consultants reports it performs One-Call locating for underground pipes and cables to save the client time and money from unnecessary digging or damage to adjacent utilities while following all federal and state One-Call legislation. Services include : underground utility locating, DOT 192.614 Damage Prevention  Program, training programs, sub-surface engineering, damage and claims management, field audit and complaint verification, sign and marker replacement, and ticket management.

Vivax-Metrotech’s new vLoc2 range of cable and pipe locator is said to be shorter, lighter and has a battery life that is 300% improved. Plug and play Bluetooth is available for GPS compatibility. The range includes the general purpose vLoc2, combined locator marker locator vLocML2 and pipeline industry specific Pipeline Defect Mapper vLocDM2. The addition of overload protection makes the vLocPro2 range suitable for all applications, including areas of high signal levels such as power station, high tension cables etc. The vLoc is web enabled allowing the user to fully configure the unit to their requirements.

Cat® Precious Metals On-Highway engine-overhaul kits are now available for medium-duty engines, including the Cat 3126B, 3126E and C7 with serial-number prefixes KAL, WAX and SAP. Included among the new overhaul kits are three for varying levels of in-frame overhaul (Bronze, Silver and Gold), as well as two for out-of-frame overhaul (Platinum Plus and Titanium). Also available is the new HEUITM (Hydraulic Electronic Unit Injector) fuel-system overhaul kit. These six new kits, designed to provide the exact level of service required to economically extend the life of Cat medium-duty engines, are available through Cat dealers and carry factory-backed warranties.

Topcon Positioning Systems
Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS) introduces a new wireless tilt sensor system for excavators – the X-22. The X-22 is the latest addition to Topcon’s excavator machine control series, and is aimed at satisfying the increased demands for job site durability, accuracy, flexibility and cost-effectiveness. The system is said to be easy-to-use and offers contractors maximum performance and flexibility at an affordable price. It incorporates plug-and-play technology designed to make installation and swapping between machines extremely easy and fast. Other features include :  High-resolution touch screen display; Simple screen menu; Various screen views; and rechargeable wireless sensors.

Pipe Wrap LLC
Two new products, FormaShield and Atlas Carbon Wrap, have been introduced into the market by Pipe Wrap that can be bonded to irregular shapes. Formashield and Atlas are designed to help with anomalies and strengthen pipes. The Atlas CFE carbon system wrap offers high tensile strength making it possible to use fewer layers to make a repair. It is said to be stronger than e-glass and cuts down on labor time. The company reports a high temperature carbon system that can take temperatures of 420°F is under development. As for Formashield, it is designed to   be easy to use and forms well around configurations. It is offered as a user friendly repair tool for pipelines.

Technical Toolboxes
Liquid is a NEW release of a popular integrated software package that has been designed specifically for crude and liquid product pipeline professionals. The software is based on ASME B31.4 standards, and contains many of the functional engineering modules and utilities present in previous versions. Pipeline Toolbox – Liquid is designed to increase the productivity and efficiency of the user by providing him with a suite of “tools” to solve day-to-day pipeline design, analysis, maintenance and related engineering problems. Pipeline Toolbox – Liquid consists of 25 separate modules supporting crude and products pipeline engineering, design, analysis and maintenance requirements. Each of these modules contain separate programs, and together provide more than 75 assorted software engineering tools.

Ditch Witch®
The Ditch Witch® organization has redesigned the parts section on its website to make it easier for customers to get detailed information about genuine Ditch Witch parts they need for their equipment. The new Ditch Witch parts section features easy navigation and updated photos and information about digging system components, electronic guidance and locating equipment, vacuum excavation system components, drill pipe and replacement parts. New interactive features include a drilling fluid formulator for horizontal directional drilling applications, and a tool selector to help users quickly and easily identify the type of Ditch Witch downhole tools, such as bits and backreamers, that work best in different types of soil. To find out more about the new parts section visit

Westfall Manufacturing Company
The Model 2900 Variable Flow Static Mixer from Westfall Manufacturing optimizes mixing and minimizes head loss by employing two in-line wafer type mixers, one fixed and one variable, which adjust incrementally to maintain constant head loss. Providing consistent mixing over a 20:1 turndown ratio, the mixer is designed to reduce overall system head loss at high flow rates and permits the use of smaller pumps.  It is available in sizes from 3/8-to 120-inch I.D.  Separated by a distance equal to two pipe diameters; as the flow velocity increases, the variable mixer opens to reduce excessive head loss.  The fixed mixer has a 0.9 Beta ratio and the variable mixer has a 0.7 Beta ratio.          

IBM announced a collaboration with Shell that may transform how the oil company trains employees on Shell’s new automated system for loading fuel into pipelines, trucks, barges and trains. IBM is working with Shell to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of training by helping 1,000 employees in 13 countries improve decision-making skills while building their knowledge of the fueling automation system, called the Global Terminal Automation System (GTAS). The GTAS training solution is a new e-learning tool designed to provide employees with an on-demand, interactive and hands-on environment that re-creates typical fueling scenarios in a safe learning environment. The e-learning tool was built through collaboration between Shell, IBM consultants and e-learning developers.