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Aqua-Barriers™ are seen as an essential piece of a pipeline project. Used in pipeline construction, maintenance and repair applications, Aqua-Barriers™ are a patented water inflated damming device that the company says can save you time and money. The patented internal baffle system is designed to provide a stable and reliable system for maximum water control. Aqua-Barriers™ can be rapidly installed and removed with little or no impact to the existing environment using minimal time and manpower.

Denso North America
Denso North America has introduced a product estimating calculator for the company’s petrolatum products. The company says, with project buyers constantly having to make multiple calls to different distributors to make sure they order the right amount of products to complete their job, it can take a lot of time and money to set things up. Wanting to help make ordering its corrosion protection products easier, by providing good quality estimates on how much products are needed to complete the corrosion prevention job, Denso North America released its first product estimating calculator which covers all of its petrolatum and protective outerwraps, which include petrolatum tapes, primers and mastics. The company says it is also looking forward to providing a product calculator for their Protal anti-corrosion liquid pipeline coatings line, in the coming months.

Charles Machine Works
The Charles Machine Works (CMW) Inc., manufacturer of Ditch Witch® underground construction equipment, has introduced a new line of compact walk-behind trenchers. The Ditch Witch RT12, RT16, RT20, and RT24 are designed and manufactured to provide an exceptional return on investment for small business owners, particularly equipment rental companies. The company says heavy-duty components, low-maintenance hydraulic systems, and standard outboard bearing supports are among the many features that add up to unbeatable efficiency and value.

Picarro has introduced what it says is a first-of-its-kind solution for natural gas pipeline leak detection and measurement, based on the company’s Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CRDS) analyzers. The Picarro Surveyor™ for natural gas leaks, is designed to measure methane plumes in the air, maps them, and then immediately alerts users and repair teams upon leak detection in real-time while traveling at normal driving speeds. The Picarro Surveyor consists of instrument hardware mounted in a vehicle, and software running on P-Cubed™, Picarro’s cloud-based processing platform that uses patent-pending algorithms to analyze data that it wirelessly receives and stores during surveys. Email

Darby Equipment
Darby Equipment now offers AccuBend, a rugged, reliable bending measurement system accurate to within 1/10 degree. Using advanced technology, the system is designed for ease of use with two magnet base transmitters that hold securely to the outside wall of the pipe. The transmitters send serialized radio frequencies to a single receiver located at the operator’s stand. Other features are constant digital readout, automatic shutoff to preserve battery life and a compact, self-contained carrying case. The AccuBend eliminates the need to climb onto pipe, keeps the work moving and one unit is good for bending all pipe sizes.

Vermeer Corporation
The S450TX is the newest member of the Vermeer® mini skid steer family. A 500-pound SAE-rated operating capacity with a 1,430-pound tipping capacity gives the S450TX a lot of muscle for its size. Vermeer has incorporated a four-pump hydraulic system, which provides performance and efficiency when powering attachments. A single pilot-operated joystick is now integrated into the S450TX platform, which makes the machine easy to maneuver and operate in comparison to manual control systems. The customer can customize the machine with the choice of engine and track options. A Kubota 24.8-horsepower (18.2 kW) diesel engine provides excellent torque performance designed for those who use attachments requiring greater engine torque. A Kohler EFI 27-horsepower (19.9 kW) gas engine will be available later this year.

Lincoln Electric
Lincoln Electric has introduced its new 2012 Equipment Catalog (E1.10) detailing the company’s MIG, TIG, and multi-process equipment, as well as plasma cutting systems, welding automation, fume control systems, accessories and welding gear products. With an updated appearance and easy color-coded navigation, the catalog displays all of Lincoln Electric’s key products, including: POWER MIG® 180 Dual, 216 and 256; Latest VIKING™ welding helmets;   Flextec™ 650 power source;   Arc Tracker™; module; Power Wave® S500 power source; Activ8™ wire feeder; and Tomahawk® 1000 plasma cutting system. The automated solutions section includes the VRTEX® 360 upgrade packages and wire delivery accessories.

CRANE Energy Flow Solutions
CRANE Energy Flow Solutions has obtained Shell Supplier Technical Assessment Record (STAR) level 2 for its Duo-Chek® Check Valve.  As a result, the valve is now listed in Shell’s Technically Accepted Manufacturers & Products (TAMAP) database. The selected Duo-Chek® valve range underwent Shell Type Acceptance Testing (TAT) in conjunction with a facility audit and company evaluation at CRANE’s Belfast design and manufacturing facility. Capable of operating within the extreme temperature range of +450 degrees Celsius to -196 degrees Celsius, the Duo-Chek® can now be implemented in low and high temperature applications globally.  Low temperature applications within the LNG Cycle include : Liquefaction, Storage and Loading, Ocean Transport, Reception, Storage and

McLaughlin Group
The McLaughlin Group has introduced a full line of truck-mounted vacuum excavation systems with tank capacities ranging from 1,600 to 3,000 gallons. The Mega Vac line features two power plant options — a 67 horsepower Kubota diesel engine with a 1,025 cfm blower or a 99 horsepower Kubota engine with 1,200 cfm. Both power plant options produce 15 inches of mercury. A deep vacuum power plant option is also available featuring the 99 horsepower engine with 1,200 cfm and 24 inches of mercury. A three-stage filtration system allows for both wet and dry vacuum excavation. The McLaughlin vacuum excavator line is available through the Vermeer dealer or

Fecon® has introduced the FTX100 LGP mulching tractor that is equipped with a 99 hp Kubota V3800 engine. Similar to the original FTX100, this machine boasts a heavier designed undercarriage. The FTX100 LGP offers both 16-inch and 20-inch track shoe options in single or triple grouser. These options allow the contractor to outfit the machine for rough terrain or soft ground conditions where a light footprint or reduced ground disturbance is important. The 20-inch wide track option provides 4.4 psi ground pressure. Added value features are ground clearance, tractive effort and durability. With the standard quick attach mounting system the FTX100 LGP can be equipped to use several attachments. Compact size and a weight of 14,950 lbs. allow for easy transport with mid-sized trucks. The FTX100 LGP is suited for R.O.W. clearing, site prep, etc.

Westfall Manufacturing Company
Westfall Manufacturing Company has introduced what it says is a fixed plate static injection mixer for water treatment, desalination, and water purification systems that is considerably smaller, lighter, and less expensive to purchase and install than a traditional mixer. The Model 2800 Static Mixer is a 316SS wafer-style fixed plate with integral gaskets and a pre-drilled flange that is designed to fit into the mating flange bolt circle of any piping system to provide rapid mixing.  The company says it achieves better than 98% injected fluid dispersion only 10 diameters downstream and is available in up to a 10-foot diameter.

Radiodetection’s proprietary Compass technology is said by the company to provide a visual indication of the direction of the target relative to the Cable and Pipe Locator. The operator can quickly follow the target by simply following the direction indicated by the dynamic line indicator on the screen of their Locator. A common cause of inaccuracy when measuring the depth of a buried utility is incorrect alignment of the Locator. To reduce the risk of false readings, Radiodetection developed TruDepth®, a technology that suppresses depth readouts unless the Locator is correctly lined up with the target– be it a pipe, a cable or a sonde.

Sherwin-Williams has added a new product to the Macropoxy family of high performance coatings – Macropoxy® 80, a high-build HAPs-free epoxy formulated for application over marginally prepared steel substrates and damp surfaces. The company says the coating combats corrosion from both immersion and atmospheric exposures and can be applied at temperatures as low as 0o F (-18o C).

Stabil Drill
Stabil Drill, a Superior Energy Services company, has developed the Stabil Drill Ghost Reamer for application in horizontal shale drilling. An eight-bladed Polycrystalline Diamond Compact (PDC) reamer, it allows the wellbore to be cleaned and cleared either by back reaming on rigs that have top-drive or for rigs without top-drive, by pulling out to the top of the curve and then rotating forward until reaching total depth. The company says this flexible solution eliminates wiper trips – saving time and money.