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The new Doosan DA30 articulated dump truck is the latest in a line of redesigned machines offering increased engine power and torque, higher payloads, lower fuel consumption, enhanced operator comfort and faster travel speeds. Powered by a 6-cylinder interim Tier 4 compliant diesel engine with a gross power output of 365 horsepower, the new DA30 offers an 8% increase in engine power compared to the previous MT31 model. A new transmission offering eight forward and four reverse speeds improves the transfer of power from the engine to the wheels for outstanding traction. To withstand the increased power, the driveline dimensions and cooling capacity of the truck have been increased.

Lincoln Electric 
Lincoln Electric’s CheckPoint™ enables users to obtain performance information on their Lincoln Electric welders and welding operations wherever they are, from any computer and almost any mobile device – without the need to install, purchase or maintain specialized software or IT hardware.  Critical alerts and production visibility are available at the user’s fingertips, whenever and wherever they want, thanks to the CheckPoint™ permanent, secure data connection in the “cloud.” It offers: 24/7/365 accessibility on almost any mobile device, including many smartphones and tablets, and any personal computer through any web browser; Captures audit trail data to satisfy reporting requirements for such quality programs as ISO, Six Sigma, statistical process control (SPC), quality cost delivery (QCD), overall effectiveness (OEE) and lean manufacturing. 
Kafko International Ltd.
New eco-friendly Oil Eater Truck Wash is a low-VOC cleaner-degreaser that the company says can quickly removes diesel, grease, dirt, bird droppings and more from trucks and other heavy equipment. It is said to be non-acid, non corrosive and biodegradable. The high-foaming agent can be diluted up to 100:l and is designed to not clog spray nozzles when used in pressurized cleaning systems. It is reportedly safe to use on polished aluminum, paint, glass, rubber and vinyl when used as directed. It is offered in 5-, 30- and 55-gallon drums.
ESAB Welding & Cutting Products 
ESAB Welding & Cutting Products has introduced the Aristo® Tech 5-13 Welding Helmet with Variable Shade ADF. Designed for the professional welder it offers Auto-Darkening Filter Lens Technology (ADF), and has a variable 5-13 digital control for adjustment of shade level, sensitivity, and delay.  The helmet’s Quick Set™ feature allows for easy change of shade with a simple up-and-down flick of the switch.  The helmet’s grind mode is activated at the lowest sensitivity. The helmet comes with ESAB’s integrated Circuit LENS Technology, which features an internal LCD display that is suitable for all manual welding processes and plasma cutting. It weighs only 1-lb and is available in 3 high-gloss colors – yellow, black, and white.
Vermeer Corporation
Vermeer Corporation pointed recently to the completion of its family of mini skid steers with the addition of the S450TX. The new member of the Vermeer® mini skid steer family is well-suited for those who need a compact machine that can perform a variety of tasks. It is said to be one of the most versatile machines a contractor can have. A 500-pound SAE-rated operating capacity with a 1,430-pound tipping capacity gives lot of muscle for its size. Vermeer has incorporated a four-pump hydraulic system which provides performance and efficiency when powering attachments. A single pilot-operated joystick is integrated into the S450TX platform.
Picarro has introduced what it terms a first-of-its-kind solution for natural gas pipeline leak detection and measurement, based on the company’s Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CRDS) analyzers. The company says the Picarro Surveyor™  measures methane plumes in the air, maps them, and then immediately alerts users and repair teams upon leak detection in real-time while traveling at normal driving speeds. At an on-site demonstration in late January, attended by federal, state and local elected officials and co-hosted by Pacific Gas & Electric Company, Picarro announced PG&E as the first utility to embrace the solution for natural gas safety applications.
The new Cat® D3K2, D4K2, D5K2 Track-Type Tractors are said to deliver unmatched finish grading performance and improved fuel economy. New Stable Blade feature utilizes technology which complements operator blade control input. The company says this makes it the best finish grading tractor in the industry. Eco Mode improves fuel economy up to 25%. Using a more powerful Cat C4.4 engine that meets Stage IIIB/Tier 4 Interim emissions requirements, the K2 models feature hydrostatic drive with Traction Control, which reduces track slip at maximum load.  New in-cab amenities such as Ventilated seat and heated control handles aim to boost operator comfort.  New Power Pitch allows the operator to control blade pitch fore/aft for maximum productivity in various material conditions.
Esri/Technical Toolboxes
Utility specialists at Esri say they are collaborating with Technical Toolboxes, Inc. (TTI), the developers of the Simple, Handy, Risk-Based Integrity Management Plan (SHRIMP), to help gas distribution companies access GIS data for distribution integrity management plan (DIMP) submissions.  DIMP regulations, put forth by the U.S. DOT and PHMSA, require each gas utility to report on its risk-based approach to pipeline management. Esri says linking SHRIMP to Esri’s GIS will enable utilities to section a gas distribution system based on geography and other criteria defined by the operator. Additionally, GIS will provide information such as leak repair history and equipment condition for each section, thereby reducing data input
Universal Field Services, Inc.
Universal Field Services, Inc. offers a brochure on its website devoted to the company’s history of providing right-of-way services for pipelines. According to the brochure, since 1958, the company has helped prepare the way for many pipeline and distribution system improvements. The brochure says the firm can perform these services: feasibility studies, public outreach, due diligence research and recommendations, route selection, land valuation studies, title search, ROW acquisition and permitting, agent skill and safety training, rights of entry, construction liaison, settlement of construction damages, records management and project managements.
InfraSource says on the website that it serves its diverse client base through its operating regions, each with the necessary resources to respond to their region’s most demanding client requirements. The website statement continues: as an industry leader providing transmission and distribution infrastructure services to the electric, gas, telecommunications, water/wastewater, pipeline and cable utilities, InfraSource provides services on an individual contract, turnkey project management, or comprehensive program management basis. Our end-to-end network services include planning, design, engineering, construction, operations and maintenance. InfraSource provides demonstrated national expertise, best practice performance, and on-time, on-budget services to customers seeking reliable infrastructure solutions.
Texas-based ETT has announced the expansion of its E-Select Systems’ CA Series dual-drive gas compression line to feature custom compression options ranging from 95 HP to 5,000 HP units. The expansion of the series is said to allow a broader range of customers to benefit from the patented dual-drive technology that can operate compressors on either a natural gas-driven engine or an electric motor to increase reliability while reducing downtime, operating costs and emissions. The E-Select CA Series, launched last year, has a Caterpillar engine coupled with an Ariel compressor and an electric motor on one skid. The compressor is said to seamlessly switch operation between the natural gas engine and electric motor without any down time or, most importantly, interruption to gas flow.
Atlas Copco Construction Equipment 
Atlas Copco Construction Equipment has unveiled a new, full line of light compaction equipment. It includes tampers, forward plates, forward and reversible plates, duplex rollers and trench compactors that will be available through Atlas Copco’s existing dealer and distributor network in the U.S. The series of tampers are suitable for applications on both granular and cohesive soils, and features a low-emission, low-noise Honda 4-stroke engine. The patented, multifunctional B.E.S.T (Breather shut off, Electrical shut off, Shut off fuel and Throttle control) fuel tank ensures easy start up and optimal performance. The LP series vibratory trench compactor, or trench roller, is suitable for the compaction in trenches and confined areas.
The new Tweco® WeldSkill® auto-darkening welding helmet features four sensors for enhanced performance. It can be used in both weld mode and grind mode and will darken when TIG welding even at 5 amps. The helmet has a viewing area of 3.86-inches x 1.69-inches, weighs 16 ounces and uses solar power. When switching from light-to-dark, the helmet darkens in 33 microseconds, or 1/30,000th of a second. When switching from dark-to-light, users can select from three switching speeds: short (0.25s to 0.35s), medium (0.35s to 0.50s) and long (0.50s to 0.80). Operators in high amperage applications prefer a longer transition time, giving the red-hot weld puddle a chance to cool.
Topcon Positioning Systems
TPS is offering the QS (Quick Station) line of robotic total stations. The series features the X-TRAC 8 prism tracking technology and is said to be designed to “provide unprecedented power and speed to dramatically enhance productivity and save time and money on every job. With the new X-TRAC 8 technology, strong tracking and quick prism re-acquisition in any work site condition is assured.  The QS represents around-the-corner design and technology that provides increased performance in even the most obstructed sites. The QS is built to withstand the most adverse working conditions.