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Rig Source Inc. 

Rig Source Inc. recently introduced their new Terramac RT9 rubber track multipurpose carrier. The CE certified Terramac RT9 model has an 18,000 pound carrying capacity and is equipped with a 230 hp Cummins diesel engine in both open cab and closed cab options. The unit has rollover protective structure (ROPS) as well as falling object protective structure (FOPS) components. Ground pressure when fully loaded is only 4.9 psi. The RT9’s easy front and rear bolt-on attachments can accommodate a variety of needs in the drilling and general construction industries. The company says Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) as well as contractors can easily mount their own machines –cranes, drills, water tanks, and more – on Terramac crawler carriers.
Lincoln Electric
Lincoln Electric reports its CheckPoint™ production monitoring software delivers key weld performance information anywhere, anytime. Described as the welding industry’s only “always-on” worldwide production monitoring network, Lincoln Electric says its system enables users to obtain performance information on their Lincoln Electric welders and welding operations wherever they are, from any computer and almost any mobile device – without the need to install, purchase or maintain specialized software or IT hardware. Critical alerts and production visibility are available at the user’s fingertips, whenever and wherever they want, thanks to the CheckPoint™ permanent, secure data connection in the “cloud.” www. lincolnelectric. com, bulletin S2.32.
Rex-Cut Abrasives
A new 2012-2013 catalog featuring non-woven cotton fiber abrasive products, grinding wheels, cut-off wheels, mounted points and other products, each designed to add efficiency to specific grinding, deburring, cutting and finishing tasks is being offered by Rex-Cut Abrasives. The catalog includes a full range of abrasive products for weld removal and blending, edge-breaking, grinding, finishing, and cutting stainless steel and aluminum.  Featured are non-woven cotton fiber abrasive Type 1 wheels, Type 27 depressed center wheels, mounted points in a variety of shapes and sizes, hand-held finishing sticks, cut-off wheels, carbide burrs, flap discs, and various specialized kits.
Hypertherm now has Duramax™ retrofit torches for five more plasma cutting systems: the Powermax600®, Powermax800®, Powermax900®, MAX42®, and MAX43®. Although these plasma cutters are in some cases 20 years old, Hypertherm says there are tens of thousands of people in the marketplace who still use and count on these particular Powermax and MAX systems every day. The new Duramax torches include an ergonomic 75 degree hand torch and convertible machine torch. In addition to the Powermax600, Powermax800, Powermax900, MAX42 , and MAX43 systems, Duramax retrofit torches are available for Powermax1000, Powermax1250, and Powermax1650 systems.  All of these torches provide: Longer consumable life for a lower overall cost of cutting; The ability to consolidate consumable inventories across multiple product families; and The same torch connection system as the original system torches which makes retrofitting easy.
ESAB Cutting Systems
ESAB Cutting Systems updates its line of CNC Plasma Bevel Cutting Systems with the new VBA Global PRO bevel head for high accuracy plasma bevel cutting on steel plate. The Global PRO is one of the new global modules for use by ESAB Cutting Systems factories worldwide, ensuring a common feature set and consistent, reliable performance for all ESAB customers. Designed for heavy-duty precision plasma bevel cutting, the Global PRO features a precision rotation and tilt system to deliver torch positioning accuracy and repeatability. As with all ESAB plasma bevel systems, the Global PRO includes a tactile sensor which can be used during bevel cutting to accurately maintain the precise cutting height above the plate, regardless of electrode wear, plate warping, scrap position, or table condition. Bevel cuts can also be made with arc voltage height control when desirable. 
The new Cat® CT15 Engine offers Cat CT660 vocational truck customers greater horsepower and torque for solid performance in demanding applications. The CT15 joins the CT11 and CT13 as the third engine option for the versatile Cat CT660. The 15-liter engine is available with as much as 550 horsepower and 1,850 lb-ft of torque, which will power the Class 8 truck through heavy-hauling jobs and demanding terrain.  The CT15 also offers an engine brake rated at more than 600 bhp – for industry leading performance. The engine brake helps drivers maintain optimum speeds down steep or long grades without frequent use of the service brakes. Proper use optimizes productivity and lowers maintenance costs.
Volvo Group
The Volvo Group will launch a 13-liter liquefied natural gas (LNG) engine within the Volvo brand for the North American market in 2014. The company says the engine’s high pressure diesel ignition technology will provide significant fuel efficiency gains compared with current natural gas products. Combined with the group’s previously announced offering of compressed natural gas (CNG)-powered Volvo VNM and Volvo VNL model daycabs, the new engine will provide customers with a complete range of natural gas-powered transportation solutions. Within the Volvo brand another fuel is being tested that can be produced from natural gas, DME (dimethyl ether), which has the potential to become an attractive alternative for the North American market.