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Caterpillar is expanding the E Series Hammer line with the addition of the new H75Es and H95Es, designed for backhoe loaders and small excavators. E Series Hammers are wholly designed, engineered and manufactured by Caterpillar. Cat hammers deliver high blow energy and frequency, which means more breaking power on the job. The H75Es delivers 1,000 ft-lb (1,356 J) of energy at 840 to 1,650 blows per minute. The H95Es delivers 1,500 ft-lb (2,034 J) of energy at 700 to 1,260 blows per minute.  The hammers feature a gas-fired system that maintains constant power between service intervals. The hammers are matched to the full line of Cat backhoe loaders and to Cat 307, 308, 311 and 312 hydraulic excavators.
GPS to GO helps businesses know where their employees and assets are at all times. FleetSafer technology from GPS to Go can stop drivers from texting or phoning while their vehicles are moving. By using GPS to Go’s plug-n-play GPS Tracker and Web Portal, companies can easily manage safe driving policies. They simply install the FleetSafer software application on their drivers’ BlackBerry or Android smart phones and it detects when employees are driving. When FleetSafer is combined with GPS to Go tracking hardware, movement of 15 mph automatically locks the keypad and screen so drivers cannot text or e-mail until they exit the vehicle and turn off the software. While driving, employees can take calls using an onboard voice dialer with pre-programmed convenience keys and an inbound call manager or set up a message that tells senders their call was been received but cannot be answered immediately. Outbound calls can be made via voice command.
Astec Underground 
Astec Underground has introduced the Astec DP 2000 high-pressure, high-volume double fluid pumper for fracturing, cleaning, and stimulating natural gas or petroleum wells. The unit can use water, frack fluids, or mud mixes in its treatments.The double fluid pumper utilizes two 1,000-hp (745.7 kW) quintuplex pumps driven by a pair of Caterpillar C27 turbocharged diesel engines producing 950 hp (708.4 kW) each — 1,900 hp (1,416.8 kW) total. The CAT engines drive the pumps through Allison 8000 series transmissions coupled to Eaton AT1202 Series 2-speed gearboxes.The pumps can operate in tandem or independently to ensure the ability to pump in the event of com­­ponent failure or while conducting routine maintenance. The unit is capable of a maximum discharge pressure of 15,000 psi (1,034.2 Bars)and a maximum flow rate of 19.6 bpm @3734 psi (257.5 Bars).
Acumentrics SOFC Corporation 
Acumentrics SOFC Corporation has introduced the RP20. The company says it is the first fuel cell designed to power cathodic protection systems. Designed to  electrochemically convert the energy from natural gas or propane directly into DC electric power, the core of the RP20 is a solid-state, ceramic, tubular fuel cell. With few moving parts – as well as no motor oil, coolant or hydraulic fluids to change or spill – the system is said to be easy to install and maintain, requiring only an annual site visit to change air and fuel filters. It can be remotely monitored and controlled in one of several ways; local Ethernet cable, cellular network or satellite link modems. Besides cathodic protection for natural gas well casings and pipeline systems, the company says the RP20 is also ideal for remote telecom applications such as cellular networks, radio transmitters, microwave repeaters, security systems and weather stations.
Increased horsepower, fuel efficiency and reliability are just a few of the enhancements to accompany interim Tier 4 (iT4) compliance on the Doosan DL420 wheel loader. This 5.5-cu-yard wheel loader boasts a breakout force of 47,210 lbs, a full-turn tipping capacity of 35,310 lbs and a rugged design built for a variety of material handling applications — such as quarries, mines, road work and site development. The DL420 offers operators the ability to set upper and lower limits for both the lift arm and bucket stop positions from inside the cab. The company says this improves cycle times in digging and loading applications, while providing improved control of the lift arm and bucket positions. For those requiring additional dumping capabilities, the DL420 is also available in a high-lift configuration, extending the dump height 20 inches above the standard DL420, to 12-feet, 1-inch.
HCSS has introduced a suite of new mobile applications for collecting and reviewing data on construction field operations.  The company says the apps can be run anywhere using iPhones®, iPads® and Android™-based phones and tablets.  With just a few swipes on a mobile device, contractors can record an entire time card including diaries, photographs and cost-coded employee and equipment hours, as well as production quantities. These mobile applications were developed specifically for construction and integrate with HCSS’s back-end databases, which allow them to seamlessly integrate with more than 40 accounting
Designed for maximum performance in all pressure and flow applications in the midstream and downstream oil and gas industries, the Dresser-Rand DATUM® line of centrifugal compressors offer efficiency, reliability, and ease of maintenance for gas gathering, liquid recovery, gas lift, gas injection, pipeline boosters, gas storage, recompression, and reinjection. It can also be used for wet gas, hydrogen, coker, and other hydrocarbon and utility gases when refining. DATUM centrifugal compressors are available in 15 different sizes with discharge pressures ranging up to more than 15,000 psig (1000 bar), maximum flow rates from 5,400 cfm (9,200 m3/h) to 700,000 cfm (1,200,000 m3/h), and power ratings to more than 120,000 bhp (90 MW). Cases can be split axially (900 psig max.) or radially (15,000 psig max.) and are available in a variety of configurations and connection
Eagle 1 Resources, LLC
Eagle 1 Resources offers to help pipelines avoid incurring fees when the pipeline right-of-way crosses a railroad right-of-way at a public roadway crossing site. Eagle 1 says, based on previous railroad crossing investigations, if you are making annual railroad right-of-way lease payments or paying fees for crossing railroad rights-of-way at public highway crossings, you are wasting your money! Eagle 1’s Dave Thomas says, if you need assistance in investigating your existing railroad crossing lease agreements / proposed installations and would like to seek reimbursement, visit
Weiler Corporation
In pipeline construction, welder’s assistants know the value of periodically switching the mounting position in order to maintain the speed and effectiveness of weld cleaning brushes. Weiler announces it has a line of stringer-bead wheels that will make this practice easier for every user. The Weiler DUALLY™ features a dual-hex nut that eliminates interference issues that might otherwise force users to remove the guards from their angle grinders, resulting in a safety hazard.  The patent-pending design of the DUALLY features a nut with a hex on each side of the wheel that is tall enough to insure adequate clearance on the tool. www. weilercorp .com
Robbins & Myers Energy Services Group
Robbins & Myers Energy Services Group offers its latest solution for pipeline and vessel closures. Marketed under the SENTRY® brand name, this non-threaded, internal door closure now features an innovative one-piece seal. Developers say it is: molded in all sizes with no vulcanized splices; available in FKM (Viton), EDR FKM (Viton), NBR or HNBR low temperature materials (other compounds are available upon request); and features an anti-extrusion spring molded directly into the seal for easy installation and to ensure secure sealing. Installation is said to be quicker, resulting in reduced maintenance time and lower incurred maintenance costs.
Gradall Industries 
Weighing 51,216 lbs, the XL 5300 III introduced by Gradall Industries is the largest model in the Gradall collection of excavators with wheeled undercarriages designed for high productivity jobs on every terrain. The XL 5300 III has a maximum reach of 33 feet, 10 inches at grade and a maximum dig depth of 24 feet, 7 inches. Its rated bucket breakout force is 25,405 lbs. and the rated boom force is 24,941 lbs. A host of attachments are available for the XL 5300 III, including excavating buckets, grading blades, boom extensions, trenching buckets, pavement removal buckets, limb shearers, ditching buckets, fixed thumb grapple, live booms and dredging buckets. 
Rohrback Cosasco
Rohrback Cosasco is now offering Cosasco CUI Corrosion Sensors for detection of corrosion under insulation. The sensors are designed to offer reliable, low cost, and simple installation compared to other current methods of CUI monitoring and measurement. The following three types are offered: Continuous Insulated Braid “corrosion fuse”; Inserted “corrosion fuse” probe array; and CUI Corrosometer® Probe. The company says the three techniques offer direct corrosion detection and a much lower cost per monitoring point than existing methods and may be customized to meet individual requirements and applications to fit with any plant integrity management program. 
Spirax Sarco
Spirax Sarco has released a new range of ASME Class 600 rated temporary strainers. This range has been designed to protect equipment from pipeline debris such as scale, rust, jointing compound, weld metal and other solids in flowing liquids or gases making this ideal for the oil and petrochemical market. The Fig 36HP stainless steel Y-type strainer is rated to ASME Class 600 standards and therefore meets the needs of a wider range of applications. The strainer is capped, drilled and tapped to enable a blowdown valve to be fitted to drain and clean the screen in service, therefore reducing system downtime. The Fig 36HP features a wide range of strainer screen options that are available in stainless steel, Monel, perforations, and mesh.
Thompson Pump and Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Thompson Pump and Manufacturing Co., Inc. is now offering its 6-inch, high-head 6JCC pump. The portable pump delivers 1,100 gpm, high heads to 490-ft and 212 psi with automatic initial priming and re-priming. It is designed for high pressure applications such as for clear water jetting, water boosting, wellpoint installation, water supply for hydraulic fracturing, washdowns, tank cleaning and fire protection in markets such as construction, mining, oil, gas, and marine. Additional options such as Thompson’s Silent Knight® sound attenuated canopy, accessories, applications assistance and alternatives are available.
The Chemineer® agitators offered are designed to provide efficiency and reliability in oil sands extraction in harsh environments such as those found in oil sands suspension applications, the company says Chemineer’s advanced impeller technology enhances mixing performance. Proprietary analysis software is available to evaluate process parameters and ensure proper impeller selection for oil sands applications. Other customer benefits cited by the company are: reliable performance with proven agitator installations in oil sand suspension applications; highly efficient XE-3 impeller that provides axial flow to suspend sand for oil extraction; the Chemineer HT gearbox that withstands harsh environments for reliable operation and long service life; a variety of sealing and lubrication features to improve personnel safety and lower maintenance costs; and availability of retrofit packages for underperforming agitators.
Metabo Corporation 
Metabo Corporation has introduced new lithium-ion batteries that run 33% longer and have an increased lifespan of 33% over traditional rechargeable batteries.  The Ultra-M 4.0 Ah batteries come with a variety of Metabo’s cordless power tools, including the W18 LTX 4 ½-inch angle grinder, the SB18 LTX ½-inch hammer drill and the BS18 LTX. As with all lithium-ion batteries, the Ultra-M 4.0 Ah does not have a memory effect. It can be charged at the user’s convenience without having to wait for the battery to totally discharge and does not lose any of its charging capability.
Trelleborg Offshore    
Trelleborg Offshore has been awarded the ISO 22899 certification for its passive fire protection material, Firestop. The official certification, which was awarded by the International Organisation for Standardization, confirms that the company’s innovative solution can safely and confidently be used for Jet Fire protection within pipes and hollow sections. Firestop is a rubber-based passive fire protection solution which can be customized to meet the demands of specific offshore oil and gas projects and installations. By utilizing a layered construction, Firestop provides corrosion, thermal, fire and mechanical protection. Applications for Firestop include rigid riser or tubular fire protection, flexible riser fire protection, ESD valve protection, escape way tunnel seal and protection of riser Hang off arrangements.