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Trompler Fluid Power 

Big jobs such as crane assembly, rigging and heavy construction demand reliable portable power. To meet these needs, Trompler Fluid Power introduces a new 1,000 ton capacity, double-acting hollow hole hydraulic cylinder. This cylinder joins the other hollow hole cylinders in the Trompler line of off-the-shelf hydraulics. These cylinders have a maximum pressure at 10,000 psi, and their piston design enables powered push/pull forces. Made in the USA, the company says the hollow hole cylinders have an enhanced design for reliabilty. A number of quality features including industrial hard chrome pistons, high strength heat-treated steel and heavy-duty bearings enable Trompler to back up these cylinders with a life-time warranty covering workmanship and material defects.
ThermoEnergy Corporation 
ThermoEnergy Corp. has signed a contract to deliver the company’s first commercial frack water production system to an oil and gas services company.  ThermoEnergy says its frack-water units are completely self-contained and can be deployed to multiple locations. ThermoEnergy’s proprietary wastewater recovery technologies are particularly well suited for the recovery of frack-grade water from local aquifers as well as for the recovery and recycling of usable water from produced and flowback water created by the hydrofracking process.
Mattracks Inc. 
Mattracks introduces 6 new models for ATVs and UTVs. The new Sprositive Drive™ system has been specially designed to compensate for the unequal ratios on ATVs and UTVs using over running front differentials. By eliminating the slack in the front sprockets pitch and changing the front to rear sprocket ratio, the Sprositive Drive allows your vehicle to stay locked in 4WD and helps keep all tracks pulling at the same speed. Mattracks offers Sprositive Drive models for Polaris, John Deere, Club Car, Bobcat, Case IH, New Holland and Cub Cadet UTVs and some Polaris ATVs. The new Sprositive Drive models are the XT SPs, XT UR SPs, XT UR HD SPs, M3 SPs, M3 UR SPs and the M3 UR HD SPs. Information and pricing is available from Mattracks, Inc.
Micropack Detection
Micropack has launched its latest Visual Flame Detector in the FDS range. Micropack’s  FDS300 is designed to detect a 1 sq-ft hydrocarbon pool fire at up to 200-feet within a 110° cone of vision, in both indoor and outdoor applications. According to the company, the sensitivity of the Micropack flame detectors are not affected by water on the optics, and are not blinded by contamination typically found in offshore environments. The new levels of sensitivity are achieved without affecting the detector’s superior false alarm immunity and its ability to detect fires in the presence of sunlight, rain, fog and hot objects.
Cameron’s Measurement Systems division has launched the LEFM® 380Ci ultrasonic flow meter (UFM), the natural gas industry’s first UFM to completely isolate the acoustic transducers from the process, improving reliability, ease of maintenance and personnel safety. Because the LEFM 380Ci acoustic transducers are completely isolated from the process employees are not exposed to high-pressure natural gas if a transducer should require replacement, and the product can continue to flow through the meter while being serviced. Replacement of the transducers can be accomplished without blocking and depressurizing the line. Cameron further enhanced the design of the LEFM 380Ci UFM by drastically reducing the opportunity for contamination and corrosion. The flow meter has a patent-pending proprietary coating that prevents corrosion and contamination of the internal surfaces of the UFM and adjacent piping.  The LEFM 380Ci UFM is designed specifically for use in natural gas applications, including, but not limited to, custody transfer metering, fiscal metering, city gate metering, check metering and movement of product to and from underground storage facilities (bi-directional measurement capability). Email:
Weiler Corporation 
Detailed information on Weiler Corporation’s Saber Tooth line of ceramic abrasives is available by requesting a copy of their 4-page color brochure.  The Saber Tooth provides cool, fast-cutting action on aluminum, stainless steel, Inconel, titanium and other hard-to-grind metals, resulting in lower grinding and finishing costs. Weiler’s Saber Tooth flap discs are designed to grind and finish in one step, resulting in fewer changeovers and increased productivity – the ideal choice when weld blending, grinding, deburring, deflashing, surface finishing, or edge chamfering on hard to grind metals. In addition to the Saber Tooth standard angled style flap disc, Weiler offers ceramic grain high density flap discs, blending discs, resin fiber discs and belts.
Lincoln Electric 
Lincoln Electric’s Magnum PRO® welding gun line has been extended and enhanced to add greater flexibility and convenience for fabrication owners and operators. The Magnum® PRO product family includes semiautomatic MIG / flux-cored guns with barrel-style or Curve™ handles; dedicated self-shielded flux-cored K126™ guns; and Magnum® PRO Thru-Arm and External Dress torches for robotic applications.  Magnum® PRO guns use the same interchangeable Copper Plus™ contact tips, nozzles and diffusers with AntiSeize™ thread design, available in only two groups — 350 amp and 550 amp ranges – reducing the need to stock multiple expendable parts for each gun model. To obtain the new Magnum® PRO welding guns catalog via bulletin E12.09 or to learn more about this family of welding guns and its expendable parts, visit
Technical Toolboxes 
The Pipeline Toolbox has four new modules that are designed to assess the structural behavior of steel pipelines affected by the properties of the pipeline soil envelope, pipeline supports design, construction, local and temporary stresses… and other influencing loads. The calculations are based on, and comply with ASME B31.8, Part 833 for gas pipelines and ASME B31.4, Part 402, for liquid hydrocarbons pipelines. The maximum permitted values of both individual stresses and combined stresses are compared against the calculated values to see if the resulting pipeline stresses meet the criteria from the above standards.
Spirax Sarco
Spirax Sarco has released a new range of ASME Class 2500 rated alloy steel Y-type strainers.  This range has been designed to protect equipment from pipeline debris such as scale, rust, jointing compound, weld metal and other solids in flowing liquids or gases and other high pressure applications. This new range of strainers has a large screen area providing high Cv and low pressure drop as well as making the frequency of blowdown for cleaning considerably reduced. The Fig 18HP strainer is capped, drilled and tapped to enable a blowdown valve to be fitted to drain and clean the screen in service, therefore reducing system downtime. The Fig 18HP features a wide range of strainer screen options that are available in stainless steel, Monel, perforations, and mesh.
Case Construction Equipment
Case Construction Equipment recently launched its CX470C full-sized excavator. The machine is the newest in the Case C Series excavator line that features increased fuel efficiency, productivity and improved serviceability and operator comfort, while achieving Tier 4 Interim certification. The new excavator replaces the company’s CX470B model. It features Tier 4 Interim-certified cooled exhaust gas recirculation (CEGR) technology that burns cleaner while delivering superior horsepower. It is rated at 362 net hp (270 kW) and is available in Long Undercarriage (LC), Retractable Undercarriage (RTC) and Mass Excavator (MEX) models, with operating weights ranging from 105,300 to 108,600 lb (47 763 to 49 260 kg). The CX470C models are roughly 1,100 lb (500 kg) heavier than the previous model for improved capacity.
Cathelco seawater pipework anti-fouling equipment is designed to eliminate blockages in seawater pipework caused by the growth of barnacles and mussels. The systems consist of copper and aluminum anodes which are mounted in the strainers and fed with an electrical current from a control panel. The copper anodes produce ions which prevent barnacle and mussel larvae from settling and breeding. At the same time, the aluminum anode produces ions which suppress corrosion inside the pipework. Cathelco also is a leading manufacturer of ICCP hull corrosion protection systems for commercial and offshore vessels.
Apache Pipeline Products
Apache Pipeline Products offers its new Series UT displacement pigs in 6-14 inches. The UT pigs are bi-directional in design and used primarily for air and water displacement applications during the pressure test stage of construction. Designed to travel in either direction, the pig allows the operator to fill the line with water and displace the water without removing the pig. The mandrel is designed with a transmitter cavity (the company says this is the only smaller-sized steel mandrel pig with this capability); and the UT version, with a combination of four sealing discs and two guide discs, offers a sealing arrangement suitable for separation of dissimilar fluids or for dewatering during hydrostatic testing. Options: 1) circular flat carbon steel, stainless steel or plastic brushes, 2) bumper noses available to prevent damage to both the pig and inline auxiliary equipment; and 3) aluminum or steel gauging plates available in either slotted or standard styles.
The new Tweco® WeldSkill® auto-darkening welding helmet features four sensors for enhanced performance. It can be used in both weld mode and grind mode and will darken when TIG welding even at 5 amps. The helmet has a viewing area of 3.86-inches x 1.69-inches, weighs 16 ounces and uses solar power. When switching from light-to-dark, the helmet darkens in 33 microseconds, or 1/30,000th of a second, one of the fastest reaction times available (by way of comparison, a human eye blink takes 3/10th to 4/10th of a second). When switching from dark-to-light, users can select from three switching speeds: short (0.25s to 0.35s), medium (0.35s to 0.50s) and long (0.50s to 0.80). Operators in high amperage applications prefer a longer transition time, giving the red-hot weld puddle a chance to cool.
Ditch Witch 
The Charles Machine Works (CMW®), Inc., manufacturer of Ditch Witch® underground construction equipment, introduces the RT80 Quad heavy-duty ride-on trencher, a powerful and durable machine with a heavy-duty track system that provides outstanding traction and performance on rough and uneven terrain. The 83-hp (62 kW) RT80 Quad features a three-speed, shift-on-the-fly ground drive that provides the power necessary to tackle the toughest jobsites with the machine’s traversing vibratory plow, trencher, saw, and backhoe attachments.