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Ditch Witch
Ditch Witch® recently released its most powerful all terrain directional drill, the JT100 All Terrain. With 100,000 lb (445 kN) of pullback and 12,000 ft·lb (16 270 N·m) of torque, the 268-hp (200 kW) JT100 is built for extended-range bores and installations of large-diameter pipe. The exclusive, patented two-pipe drilling system enables the machine to complete successful installations in most ground formations, including solid rock. A mechanical motor system greatly expands the capacity to drill in tough ground conditions, and most bores are accomplished with minimal drilling fluid flow, reducing jobsite cleanup time and expense. This contrasts with mud motor systems, which require very high drilling fluid flows. These high flow rates—and the pressures required for effectively driving the bit—can erode the borehole or lead to unwanted drilling fluid returns on the ground surface or into a body of water.

Telvent announced that Portland Pipe Line Corporation (PPLC) had deployed Telvent’s Energy Management Application Suite – Power Optimization. By simulating the company’s oil pipeline system, the Telvent solution identifies the lowest-cost pump configuration while helping the pipeline meet its operating schedules safely and securely. PPLC is a vital transportation link between offshore crude oil supply and the Canadian refinery regions in Quebec and Ontario provinces. Portland chose the Telvent Power Optimization application to integrate with its existing Telvent OASyS supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system and uses real-time operational data from the SCADA system to calculate the pipeline’s energy costs.

Bredero Shaw
Bredero Shaw (A ShawCor Company) introduces what it terms its innovative deepwater thermal insulation system, Thermotite® ULTRA™. The company reports this high-integrity, maximum-performance system is available as a solid insulation with unlimited water depth applications or as a foam with unmatched thermal conductivity for medium water depth installations. The new technology brings a lower thermal conductivity system allowing for thinner insulation and reduced installation costs. Its high density extends cool-down performance, improves seabed stability in flowlines, eliminates buoyancy constraints, and dampens hydrodynamic response in risers. A compatible injection-molded field joint ensures continuous insulation over the welded joint area, maximizing system integrity and performance. The lower field joint application temperature facilitates cooling and reduces cycle time, and the elimination of glass micro-spheres simplifies processing and eliminates the risk of decreased thermal performance due to glass breakage and limitations on glass loading.

Pipeline Inspection Company                                                        
Pipeline Inspection says its beltless, lightweight SPY® Model 670 holiday detector assembles quickly and is easy to operate. With the unit weighing only 3 lbs., operator fatigue is significantly reduced. Because there are few connections and no belt – the detector is very convenient for small jobs. For large surface areas, it can be easily modified by changing out the electrode to a roller or wide sponge. By grounding it and wetting the electrode, inspectors can inspect any paint, epoxy and coating. The roller sponge electrode option streamlines inspections on large flat surface areas. Multiple rollers can be used to cover wide flat surface areas. For contoured surfaces and tight space inspections, the roller can be quickly replaced with a flat sponge electrode. Holidays on coatings as thin as one mil can be detected with high accuracy and without harm to the coating.

PipeLine Machinery International
PipeLine Machinery International (PLM), Caterpillar’s global pipeline equipment dealer, has recently teamed with LaValley Industries and is the exclusive distributor of the DECKHAND™ Pipe Handling System, for use in pipeline and directional drilling construction. The DECKHAND system accomplishes precise pipe handling and placement without requiring ground crew to work in the vicinity of moving pipe. The system can also safely handle pipe in inclement weather and snow and ice conditions. It consists of the main head which mounts to most excavators, as any other work tool, using the Quick Attach function. The excavator’s hydraulics and electrical systems are easily connected to the DECKHAND, using two quick couplers. Interchangeable grab arms are designed for use with directional drilling pipe casing (Directional Drilling Arms), multiple sizes of utility pipe (Utility Arms) and mainline pipe. (Pipeline Arms).

MOSA Aggregaten B.V.
The Weldcrawler from MOSA Aggregaten B.V. is a diesel driven welding dozer specially built for pipeline welding.  The uniqueness in its design is the single diesel engine that powers all four main functions of the machine; welding output of 2x400A, driving, positioning the boom and hydraulic gas bottle rack. For the last three functions, the company says the Weldcrawler can be operated by wireless remote control making positioning of the machine very easy and accurate. It can be used for stick welding of cellulose electrodes and supports all pipeline welding processes including basic vertical down. Through the use of a digital controller, the Weldcrawler can also be used as a power source for full automatic welding processes. The auxiliary output is 40 kVA 400/230/110V for power tools or even additional electrical welding equipment. Other tracks or an air compressor for internal line up clamps is optional. The single diesel engine reduces fuel and the company claims maintenance costs of up to 60% and cost saving on transportation costs can be realized as well.

IPWL offers the new Firefly orbital welding bug that offers root pass and FCAW/GMAW capability. A brochure offered online opens by saying the bug has root pass capability without the need for copper or ceramic backing shoes. Firefly is also said to have both hard wire and flux core welding capability because, due to the high-torque motor installed, effective feed of both types of weld wire is possible. The brochure says the bug offers orbital and linear capability, explaining that the linear capability enables it to be used reliably over a greater range of welding applications without the need for modifications. IPWL says compatibility trials with leading inverter manufacturers have produced “excellent results,” both in FCAW and GMAW testing and during root pass trials. www.

Southeast Directional Drilling LLC
Southeast Directional Drilling LLC offers over 100 years of field experience in pipelining and directional drilling. The company has completed several hundred bores including a bore, which at the time was a record length of 6,380 feet, and the deepest directional drill river crossing in North America at 800 feet. A recent record occurred in Trinidad with the successful completion of three 56-inch HDD crossings, a world record for largest diameter performed by horizontal directional drilling method. Since the company’s inception in 2002, several hundred miles of HDDs have been completed, of which 35 miles were 42-inch crossings. Southeast’s fleet of drilling rigs range from 80,000 lbs to 1.4 million lbs of pullback capacity providing the ability to work on any size project, from 6- to 56-inch.

TechCorr reports it is offering API 653 inspection of ASTs (Above – Ground Storage Tanks) without taking them down for manual cleaning and inspection. TechCorr’s InTank® robotic inspection service is designed to scan the floor of a full tank while in-service and provide a quantitative assessment of tank floor integrity.