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TESMEC USA recently introduced its new line of multipurpose excavators: the GALLMAC. TesmecUSA, Inc. began distributing the GALLMAC product line in the North American and Caribbean markets January 1, 2013. The company says the excavators or versatile and feature programmable hydraulic functions and can accommodate a number of attachments. The company’s GALLMAC product line offers machines that have the capability to perform hammering, drilling, trenching, boring, plowing, hoisting, wall and pavement milling, mowing, ditch cleaning/scraping, as well as other

Case Construction Equipment
Case Construction Equipment has introduced the Case 521F wheel loader, offering customers a 12% increase in fuel efficiency over the previous E Series model, while delivering faster acceleration and quicker cycle times. The machine is available in standard Z-bar, extended reach and tool-carrier models. It is designed to handle heavier and larger buckets thanks to the Case coupler system that pulls the attachment closer to the machine, providing significant breakout. The coupler is compatible with both JRB and ACS attachments. Also, the addition of over 250 new buckets, including light material buckets, rotary brooms and forks, and 4-in-1 buckets, offers even more solutions for a wide range of tasks. The wheel loader features a 4.5-liter Tier 4 Interim-certified Case engine that delivers up to 131 gross hp. Classified as a 2.1 yd3 wheel loader, the Case 521F has an operating weight of 22,856 lbs. The standard model delivers 19,596 lbs of lift capacity and 16,735 lbs of bucket breakout force, with hinge pin height of 11 – feet10-inches for efficient truck- and hopper-loading.

Industrial Scientific
Industrial Scientific has  introduced the Tango™ TX1 single gas monitor that detects carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide. Its patent pending DualSense Technology includes two of the same type sensors for the detection of a single gas. The two sensor readings are processed through a proprietary algorithm and displayed as a single reading to the user. The Tango is compatible with iNet®, Industrial Scientific’s gas detection as a service solution. iNet is a software-based service that increases safety by providing visibility into gas detector alarms, exposure and usage. With iNet, customers do not have to buy gas detectors. Instead, they can subscribe to iNet and receive gas detection as a service.

Pferd has extended their COMBIDISC program with the new COMBIDISC® A-CONTOUR. Unlike the previous COMBIDISC tools, company officials say the CONTOUR abrasive discs have an innovative scalloped-edge pattern which allows for a perfect finish without fear of cutting in or gouging the metal. With their soft outer contour, the abrasive discs are particularly suitable for finishing tight contours and concave surfaces with radius transitions. They are also said to reduce vibration, noise and dust, to give operators a safe and more ergonomically working environment. A-CONTOUR discs are 2 3/8-inch diameter aluminum oxide and are intended to be run on 2-inch diameter backing pads with industry standard locking mechanisms such as Turn-On, PSG, Roloc,™ and Lockit.

Hypertherm is offering the MAXPRO200 plasma cutting system that the company says achieves impressive cut speeds, consistent cut quality and exceptional consumable life with air or oxygen plasma gas. Optimized cutting parameters are automatically set and controlled in one step for easy operation. Engineered for heavy-duty, high capacity mechanized and handheld cutting and gouging, the MAXPRO200 is designed to deliver reliable performance across a wide range of industrial applications.

The new McElroy Super 28 is a fusion machine for fusing 2-inch IPS to 8-inch DIPS (63mm to 225mm) polyethylene pipe. The machine features a diesel-powered 28 fusion carriage on a TracStar 412/618 chassis. The new configuration allows contractors to have a diesel-powered fusion machine on jobsites where gasoline is unavailable or not allowed. The Super 28 offers the same ruggedness and reliability expected from McElroy fusion machines. The Super 28 can be ordered as a Combination Unit that allows fusion of branch saddles with a maximum base diameter of 9.63 inches onto any size pipe main. For more information, or to locate your nearest distributor, visit

Joining Technologies
Joining Technologies has expanded its additive manufacturing capabilities to include internal diameter cladding. Together with its partners Fraunhofer ILT, Pallas Oberflaechentechnik GmbH & Co KG and Laserline, Inc., Joining Technologies has installed a specialized ID cladding station. According to company officials, while laser cladding has gained wide acceptance as a cost effective way to add wear or corrosion-resistant coatings, or to repair worn-out or mis-machined parts, most of the cladding to date has been limited to easy-to-reach external parts. The ID cladding station offers a technique that is said to be ideal for adding service life to oil and gas equipment, pumps, sleeves and extruder components.

GMI announces the release of the PS200 5-way Charger. The charging unit securely holds up to five PS200 portable gas detectors simultaneously and can be placed on a flat surface or mounted to a wall. Gas detectors are easily loaded in the unit with or without the rubber boot fitting. The new charger features a universal power supply and short circuit protection. Maximum charge time is less than 4 hours. The detector is said to be ideal for use in confined spaces and hotworks. The instrument monitors and displays up to four hazardous gas conditions simultaneously using catalytic bead sensor technology for a wide range of combustible gases, and electrochemical sensors for carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, and oxygen deficiency. Single button activation allows the end user to quickly switch between diffusion and pump modes,

Westfall Manufacturing Company
A three-stage static mixer for mobile gas well fracking rigs is being introduced by Westfall Manufacturing Company.  The Westfall Model 3050 3-Stage Mixer consists of a length of pipe with three sets of tabbed fins inside that feature a precise geometry and are radially disposed to provide thorough mixing with low head loss.  Ideally suited for mobile gas well fracking rigs, a 16-inch, 3-stage, 5 ft. long mixer dissolves peracetic acid into influent water at 4,620 gallons per minute. Said to be easy to install in-line, the mixer produces a 1.64 K value and a typical CoV of 0.014.  Fabricated from carbon or stainless steel, with or without a Teflon® coating, it can be supplied in pipe diameters from ½- to 120-inch. Clog-resistant and maintenance-free, these mixers are suited for any mixing application requiring low head loss.

Fecon introduces the GL14 support trailer, a self-contained grouting and/or mud drilling support system. Hydraulic lift assist ramps allow easy access to features like the 200 gallon water supply tank for back flushing and cleaning, 58 gallon hopper for grout mixing and 500-feet of grout line hose reel capacity.  The GL14 also has lockable storage for tools and drill rods. With everything fitting on a 6 x 14-foot flatbed trailer, it can be towed by truck or by the Fecon GL300 Drill Rig, it also has 4 wheel brakes which allows for safe highway towing.  The Fecon GL300 Drill and GL14 Support Trailer together provide “The Hole Solution” for geothermal ground loop installation.

Doosan’s upgraded interim Tier 4-compliant (iT4) DL250-3 wheel loader offers several improvements that enhance its productivity and comfort for moving materials in infrastructure projects, as well as a host of other applications. The 3.7-cu-yard machine has been reintroduced as a 172-horsepower iT4 wheel loader — up from 163 horsepower in its previous design. It is engineered with a breakout force of 27,120 pounds, a full-turn tipping capacity of 20,680 pounds and a dump height of 9-feet 2 inches. For those requiring additional dumping capabilities, the DL250-3 is also available in a high-lift configuration, extending the dump height 18 inches above the standard DL250, to 10 feet 8 inches.

Milwaukee Tool Corporation
Milwaukee Tool Corporation introduces the new M18™ Cordless 2-Speed Grease Gun that delivers up to 10,000 psi operating pressure and features a new pre-set grease counter to dispense exact amounts of grease. In addition to allowing machinery operators to handle anything from routine maintenance to challenging greasing applications in the field, it also features an on-board LED light, a lock-on/lock-off trigger, and a plunger rod with markings to gauge how much grease is left in the barrel.  The tool’s stand up design and shoulder strap capability offer user convenience, while limiting fatigue and the 48-inch flexible hose offers greater accessibility when greasing hard to reach fittings.

Lincoln Electric
Lincoln Electric introduces Metalshield® MC®-80Ni1, a premium, low-alloy, metal-cored wire designed to produce high strength and toughness and H4 diffusible hydrogen weld deposits required in such applications as structural and heavy fabrication or other high-strength welding applications that require a tensile strength of 550 MPa (80ksi). Metalshield® MC®-80Ni1 delivers low spatter and excellent arc stability and is great for semi-automatic and robotic applications. Enhanced silicon island management minimizes slag and eases slag removal.  
Metalshield® MC®-80Ni1 is available in standard diameters of .045 in., .052 in., and 1/16 in. and packaged in 500-lb Accu-Trak® drums and 33- lb plastic spools. Bulletin C3.118 is offered.

FlexSteel Pipeline Technologies
FlexSteel Pipeline Technologies says FlexSteel pipe is now available in 8-inch diameter up to 1,500 psi. The new larger-diameter pipe offers up to 125% increased flow rate compared to FlexSteel 6-inch pipe. The 8-inch diameter FlexSteel was developed with the same helically wound steel core as existing FlexSteel pipe for failure-free performance with the durability of steel and the installation, performance and cost benefits of flexible pipe products. Developed with corrosion-resistant technology, FlexSteel pipe is designed to performs under cyclic loading environments and install up to five times faster than traditional steel line pipe. Additionally, the 8-inch pipe has 93% fewer connections per mile vs. steel. FlexSteel spooled pipe used in various applications include oil and gas, water, CO2 transportation, and others.