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PipeLine Machinery International
PipeLine Machinery International (PLM) has added Voltek Systems ™ manufactured by United Safety Inc. to its family of high voltage safety devices. These cutting-edge technologies and state-of-the-art Powerline Proximity Alarm and Range Limit devices provide protection for both the pipeline equipment and the operator. The VOLTEK NS™ (patent pending) is a core safety device that will detect AC, alert and monitor/ log internally for optional download of all settings or levels changed, alarms triggered, power cutouts, and electrical field detections. The LIMITEK XL™ is an Extended Range Limiting Device that is used in accordance with the OSHA Cranes and Derricks Standard when intentionally operating inside the Table A zone. It can be fully integrated with the VOLTEK NS power line warning system and other ancillary VOLTEK SYSTEMS products.

Osborn’s offers standard, professional and a premium lines of brushes for every application. The company’s standard brushes offer general-purpose performance for light-duty projects including light rust removal and small welding applications. The professional brushes are designed to tackle heavier corrosion and larger welds with improved component materials and tool construction, while the premium brushes are Osborn’s gold-standard products that are made with the highest quality materials and construction. These brushes tackle heavy-duty welding, pipeline and automotive applications with superior performance.

ECCO’s 2013 Product Guide is available now. This year’s catalog features more than 20 new or upgraded products focused on safety for commercial and emergency service vehicles. Product highlights include : the addition of the high output 5590 to the Reflex™ line of LED minibars, a new LED Safety Director™, the Stick-A-LED™ self-adhesive auxiliary LEDs, the Hide-A-LED™ Bullet self-adhesive concealed warning LEDs, 5.6- and 7-inch camera systems with touch screen menu control, and seven new LED work lamp models.

Riveer Oil & Gas Field Systems
Riveer Oil & Gas Field Systems offers wheel washers, wash racks and filtration systems designed to deliver unsurpassed performance in oil and gas equipment washing, wash water containment and containment particle separation and water recycling. These systems are fully deployable, often designed to load into a standard ISO container for efficient tear down, over the road transport and can be readily reinstalled at the next drilling location.

Kenactiv Innovations Inc.
Kenactiv Innovations Inc. says its DrillWall™ drilling mud additive showed up to a 50% reduction in fluid loss in independent lab tests. The company attributes DrillWall’s performance to its ability to create a non-permeable filter barrier (filter cake) more quickly than other mud components, thereby reducing fluid loss and keeping significantly more fluid within the borehole. DrillWall is produced from U.S. farm-grown kenaf, a rapidly renewable agricultural resource, and manufactured in the U.S. In addition to helping lubricate and cool the drill bit and prevent differential sticking, the all-natural, non-toxic additive is also said to be environmentally friendly.

Carhartt is offering flame-resistant coveralls that they say meet or exceed two hazard standards. The flame-resistant coveralls are said to be suited for oil and gas workers as well as electrical utility crews.  The traditional twill coveralls are available in four industry-approved colors – gray, khaki, dark navy and royal.

Miller Electric Mfg. Co.
Miller Electric Mfg. Co. has introduced narrow air-cooled induction heating blankets for weld preheating in pipeline applications with the ProHeat™ 35 induction heating system. The new narrow blankets are 4-1/4 inches wide by either 160 or 185 inches long, and are designed specifically for 48- and 56-inch-diameter pipes, respectively. Key benefits include : Narrow joint access: easier to fit in between the joint and coatings or insulation; Lightweight; weigh 35 pounds each; and Faster time-to-temperature. They are designed to be used in pairs for air-cooled induction heating applications up to 400 degrees F.

Rhino Linings Corporation
Rhino Linings Corporation celebrates 25 years of industry innovation starting with its Rhino Linings® brand pick-up truck bed liner. From its spray-on truck bed liner beginnings, Rhino Linings has evolved into a manufacturer and distributor of industrial protective coatings, specialty epoxies and spray foams that provide innovative solutions used in a number of applications around the world.

MSA says its V-Gard GRN (for green) hard hat is the first industrial safety product produced from nearly 100% renewable resources.  Developed and manufactured by MSA in Brazil, the hard hat is similar to conventional hats in that it’s made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE).  However, unlike traditional hard hats, the HDPE in the MSA V-Gard GRN model is sourced entirely from sugarcane.

3M has introduced five new lines of personal protective equipment. They include SecureFit protective eyewear, Peltor X Series earmuffs, the Safety Sunwear series, and the Peltor WS series headsets with Bluetooth wireless technology. Also new is the H-800 full brim hard hat with Uvicator sensor. The smart sensor changes color from red to white as the hard hat is exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light, alerting the wearer when it’s due for a replacement.