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Newpark Mats And Integrated Services
Newpark Mats and Integrated Services, a unit of Newpark Resources  recently commemorated the production of its 250,000th DURA-BASE® Advanced-Composite Mat. Designed to last 5 times longer than wooden mats, and weighing less than half as much, the mats are produced from a tough non-slip advanced-composite formulation that withstands bearing loads in excess of 600 lbs per sq-inch. They are said to weigh over 50% less than wooden mats, which saves considerable time and transportation cost. They are designed as a single piece, with no individual parts requiring bolts or fasteners to hold them in place. This one-piece system prevents spills from being absorbed into the mats and greatly aids in preventing spills from contaminating ground soil. Their versatility also makes them perfect for temporary roadways, in addition to worksite padding. This has led to widespread adoption of the advanced-composite mat systems in not only the pipeline industry, but also in the oil and gas, mining, construction, heavy haul, military, and entertainment sectors.

The RingSaw line is ideally suited for the high strength materials found in oil country tubular goods and other demanding applications. Instead of cutting with the outside diameter of the blade, RingSaw puts teeth in the enlarged center hole which, when compared to conventional carbide saws, changes and improves the dynamics that affect cost and quality of finished pieces. RingSaw machines rotate the blade by turning the outside diameter and the enlarged center hole is for cutting instead of the traditional spindle design. The company says this innovation leads to a reduction in tool costs by 50 to 80% while at the same time increasing performance by 30 to 60%.

HammerHead has launched the ROUGHNECK R400 Pneumatic Rock Hammer  system. It includes the R400 air hammer, 5.25-inch straight and offset bits, patent-pending pullback kit, control station/oiler, drill conversion kit and universal HD high-flow rock drill housing. It is designed to drill at rates up to 150 feet per hour while providing enhanced steering performance. Available for any drill, the ROUGHNECK control station can be installed with a tee and a ball valve on the high pressure side of the mud pump. This feature provides a path for the airflow to be directed into the drilling fluid supply line. The control station utilizes the drill’s existing mud pump to deliver air, oil and fluids down hole, reducing the footprint and weight. Integrated electronics facilitate the drilling operation and provide the operator with control and increased productivity without leaving the drill operator’s station.

Doosan Portable Power
Doosan Portable Power is delivering a new power level in its air compressor lineup with the introduction of the Tier 4i-compliant XP200WJD. The new model produces 200 cfm at 125 psig, making it ideal for countless applications, including general construction, sandblasting, pneumatic tool operation and pipeline testing. The XP200WJD maximizes jobsite productivity with an eight-hour runtime at 100% load. Dependable even in extreme temperatures, the model boasts a three-degree limited ambient temperature improvement, delivering reliable performance in conditions up to 118 F. The  unit is powered by a Tier 4i-compliant John Deere engine, and includes a one-year, 2,000-hour bumper-to-bumper warranty; two-year, 4,000-hour engine warranty; and two-year, 4,000-hour airend warranty. An optional five-year, 10,000-hour extended powertrain warranty is available if genuine Doosan fluids and filters are used at recommended maintenance intervals.

Ditch Witch
The Ditch Witch organization released the new Ditch Witch JT25, a productive horizontal directional drill designed specifically for the utility contractor. Offering 27,000 pounds  of thrust and pullback and 4,000 ft-pounds) of rotational torque, the JT25 is an ideal drill for installing utility pipe and cables of up to 12 inches in diameter at lengths of up to 500 feet.  Simple, durable, customer-driven JT25 is designed for low-maintenance, high-quality performance.

Metabo Corporation
Metabo Corporation offers two lightweight angle grinders for cutting, grinding and deburring.  The W720 and W820 are ideal for use in the repair, maintenance and metalworking industries. The W720 weighs just 4.4 lbs and has a maximum wheel diameter of 4-1/2 inches. It features a robust 6.5 A motor with 720 watts of power, 14 inch-lbs of torque and a no-load speed of 11,000 rpm.  The W820 has a maximum wheel diameter of 5 inches and weighs just 4.7 lbs.  This new grinder features a robust 7.5 A motor with 820 watts of power, 16-inch lbs of torque and a no-load speed of 10,000 rpm.

Caterpillar Marine Power Systems
Caterpillar Marine Power Systems announced the development of the MaK™ M 34 DF, a new marine dual fuel engine platform for the commercial marine industry. The M 34 DF dual fuel engine boasts a power rating of 500 kW per cylinder at 720 and 750 rpm in diesel and gas modes, and will share the same footprint as the highly successful M 32 C engine series. The M 34 DF will be capable of running on natural gas as an alternative to marine diesel oil or large and complex scrubber installations for Emission Control Areas (ECA) operation as of 2015. First engine deliveries are foreseen for October 2014.  MARINE.CAT.COM/pr

Ametek SCP says the Elite Series Dry-Mate Connector is the first fully modular dry-mate connector that is ISO/API compliant. Its modular design permits the incorporation of interchangeable electrical or optical circuits with exceptional high performance. SCP has taken the connector’s modular design a step further, making it possible to use either a standard hard cable termination or a pressure-balanced, oil-filled configuration. Among the other improvements is an option for a fiber optic connection that incorporates angled polished contacts. These higher-performing contacts help satisfy an increased demand in the oil and gas industry for distributed sensing systems that are part of intelligent well system designs as well as other emerging distributed acoustic and temperature monitoring systems.

SiteWatch from Case helps to make fleet management easier, providing measurable and actionable information.  System capabilities allow you to see which machines are being put to use, and which ones are not. Knowing this information helps address concerns, making an immediate improvement on costs of fuel, maintenance and ownership. Scheduled automatic service alerts can be customized at any interval to help streamline scheduled maintenance. Detailed and precise machine run time information is provided daily with office software integration, eliminating any need for human data entry. Beginning in 2013, select heavy equipment models will come standard with a Case SiteWatch 3-year advanced subscription plan.  With a subscription to SiteWatch it is possible to monitor and manage machines at multiple locations.

Weiler Corporation
Weiler Corporation has updated their Grinding and Finishing Solutions Guide, now called the Abrasive Flap Disc Selection Guide.  The new guide showcases Weiler’s comprehensive product line and includes information on the: Saber Tooth™ flap discs, BigCat™ high density flap discs, Tiger Discs, BobCat™ mini flap discs, Tiger Paw™ and  Vortec Pro™ line. 

Ergodyne has added the Chill-Its® 6660 hard hat brim with shade to its product line.  The device fits around the outside of a hard hat and is said to be ideal for workers who are exposed to the sun and harmful UV rays.