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Pipetech recently introduced the SUREBEND,  a  wireless, digital angle measurement device that can save time and money on bending projects. It attaches to the pipe bending machine and provides an accurate, continuous readout of the achieved bend angle during bending operations. The company says SUREBEND reduces the risk of injury by eliminating climbing on the pipe. The bending operator monitors each pull without leaving his station. The system consists of two magnetic measurement units and a master receiver unit with an easy to read digital display. The magnetic mounts allow fast and effortless setup on all pipe sizes. When used in combination with the Pipetech bending machine company officials say it is a winning combination.

Tiger Industrial Rentals
Tiger Industrial Rentals says plants, refineries, compressor pump stations and pipeline contractors are replacing wood mats with their synthetic mats. The mats are said to be fire resistant, anti-slip, anti static, 1,000 PSI and do not absorb liquids or chemicals. They also offer safer lifting methods – requiring no chains or wires. These recycled synthetic poly – no wood – no rot mats  are solid, not hollow inside. Also, in the final manufacturing process a non-slip pattern is seared into the top of the plank. The compact design is said to reduce mud and debris collection as opposed to wood mats that have gaps that allow mud to collect, increasing weight and driving up freight out and cleaning costs. The 3 ply 8 x 16 foot mats cover 128 sq-feet. Lighter than traditional oak mats, the company says they can be loaded, installed and moved with a fork truck or D rings. Loads of 18-22 mats can be accommodated per truck on freight that carries 48,000 pound loads.

PFERD, Inc. has developed a line of innovative new burs optimized for machining all steels, including hardened and heat-treated steels. According to the company, the unique tooth geometry allows STEEL Cut Burs to remove material 30% faster than conventional double-cut burs. They also provide smooth, easy-to-control milling operation with reduced vibration and noise, while yielding large chips to reduce dust emissions in the work environment.  The STEEL Cut TC Burs are available in 5 U.S. industry-standard bur shapes with ¼-inch shank.

CGW-Camel Grinding Wheels
CGW-Camel Grinding Wheels has a new catalog that contains the cotton fiber abrasives product category and expanded product line offerings for trimmable flap discs, semi-flex discs and Quickie Cut cut-off wheels. The 172-page catalog has color-coded sections for coated abrasives, surface conditioning products, resin bonded wheels and vitrified wheels. The catalog features more than 200 new abrasives for the metal fabrication and industrial

Ditch Witch
Ditch Witch® has introduced UtiliGuard, a new utility locating system with numerous industry-first features that combine to offer unprecedented locating accuracy. Among UtiliGuard’s features is Ambient Interference Measurement (AIM™), which scans the surrounding area for noise and recommends the best frequency among the 70 it provides, resulting in faster, more accurate locates. The company says UtiliGuard also has a 12-watt transmitter that sends signals farther, an easier-to-read display, real-time clock, and many other features you won’t find on other locating system.

Sullair has introduced HPL 1500, a lubricant designed to meet the increasing demands of higher pressure portable air compressors. HPL 1500 is especially suited for high pressure rotary screw portable compressors which are used in rigorous applications such as down-the-hole percussive hammer; deep water well and geothermal drilling; pipeline testing; oil and gas well servicing; sandblasting; rock drilling; and pile driving. The HPL 1500 has a 1,500-hour change interval— as much as five times that of standard aftermarket compressor lubricants. The company says this extends the life change interval, minimizes environmental impact and saves time and money on maintenance.

PROTO® has launched a new line of  air tools. The PROTO Titanium Series offers four premium pistol air impact wrenches that offer high breakaway torque. These wrenches will be available in 3/8-inch drive (J138WP), ½-inch drive compact (J150WP-C), ½-inch drive industrial impact (J150WP) and the ¾-inch drive heavy-duty impact (J175WP). The wrenches also feature an air inlet 360-degree rotation for easy compressor hook-up and a titanium exhaust deflector for increased durability and muffler for reduced noise.

Weiler Corporation
Weiler Corporation’s controlled flare end brushes feature a uniquely trimmed crimped wire fill for more effective brushing action and greatly enhanced durability when cleaning fillet welds, corners, bevels, channels, and slots. The company says the patented design eliminates the rapid filament fatigue and wire breakage that occurs when using standard end brushes on high-speed air tools to clean and prep hard-to-reach areas.  Controlled flare end brushes are available in steel wire for use on carbon steel and other materials, and stainless steel wire for use on corrosion resistant alloys as well as aluminum and other non-ferrous metals.  Brush diameters are available from ½- to 1-inch, 0104, .014 and .020 wire sizes.