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Pipeline Hugger
The Pipeline Hugger ® is a new and user friendly way to ground your weld. The Pipeline Hugger hugs the pipe using a spring loaded action and gripping arms, securing a ground point in a stable position without falling off the pipe. When used right, the company says the Pipeline Hugger ® will save time, money and the need for costly repairs.

CLD Plastics
Barricade Bracket, offered by CLD Plastics, was designed to work in conjunction with A-frame barricades. It provides a secured enclosed work zone. By connecting barricades, it eliminates the need for two legs per barricade, thus presenting less tripping points.  It also eliminates gaps so pedestrians won’t stray into work zones. By replacing one leg with one Barricade Bracket, a safer, sturdier and protective work zone is provided. If using two arms on a barricade set up, two would be required to replace one leg. Barricade Bracket is made of lightweight, high density, 100% polyethylene recycled plastic.

Mathey Dearman
Mathey Dearman has launched a family of portable CNC profiling machines based on their short-saddle beveling machines. Using a simple icon-driven laptop computer interface and an intuitive on screen selection guide, users can create an almost endless variety of straight cuts, miters, saddles, holes and special shapes; over 1.4 billion per machine according to the company.  The user friendly control system gives any field welder CNC accuracy and flexibility in a step-by-step logical format. It operates on a common laptop computer running either a Windows 7 or 8 operating system. Depending on the model, the machines can handle pipe sizes from 1 ½- to 12-inch cutting with either oxy/fuel or plasma machine torches.  The machines only require a 115 or 230 volt electrical connection, so they can be powered by your welding machine. The CNC unit’s compact size makes it ideal for tight field locations.

Rohrback Cosasco Systems
The Downhole Coupon Holder Assembly (DCHA) from Rohrback Cosasco Systems provides metal loss measurements of downhole tubing to determine general corrosion effects, crevice corrosion, stress corrosion, and pitting. The DCHA can also be used in conjunction with COSASCO’s Downhole Electrical Resistance Probe (DCMS). The company lists the following as key benefits of the DCHA: Analyze corrosion effects, Including general, crevice, and stress corrosion and pitting; Rated to 10,000 psi and 350°F (167°C); Setting and retrieval at any depth; and Available for purchase or lease.:

Miller Electric Mfg. Co.
Miller Electric Mfg. Co. has introduced two new auto-darkening models to its Classic Series of welding helmets: the Classic VSi and the Classic FS #10 2×4 Flip-Up. Both provide alternatives to users who have used passive lenses in the past and are looking for the performance and flexibility of an auto-darkening helmet. These helmets also offer flip-up design features that allow operators to grind and carry out other tasks without raising the welding helmet or switching over to a dedicated grinding mask. Both helmets are ANSI Z87.1+(2010) and CSA certified, and come with a two-year warranty from Miller.

John Deere Power Systems
John Deere Power Systems engine lineup — 130 kW (174 hp) —  and above has received U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Final Tier 4, European Union Stage IV and California Air Resources Board emissions certification. The PowerTechTM PVS 6.8L, PowerTech PSS 6.8L, PowerTech PSS 9.0L and PowerTech PSS 13.5L models are the first John Deere off-highway engines to receive Final Tier 4, Stage IV and CARB emissions certification in the 130 kW to 560 kW (174 hp to 750 hp) power category. Final Tier 4/Stage IV emissions regulations begin January 1, 2014, for engines 130 kW (174 hp) and above, and require an 80% in nitrogen oxides (NOx) from previous Interim Tier 4/Stage III B requirements.

Heath Consultants
Heath Consultants’ Remote Methane Leak Detector (RMLD-IS®) offers advanced leak screening technologies specifically designed to detect greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). Heath officials say they are unique in the industry in that their service business unit uses them in the field. In the past few years alone, Heath has inspected more than 3,000 gas facilities and more than 1,000,000 piping components in the natural gas utility industry. The company’s Remote Methane Leak Detector (RMLD-IS®) is an eye-safe laser-based natural gas detector (methane) that can detect leaks up to 100 feet away allowing remote detection of underground piping, compressor stations, offshore platforms, plant/industrial inspections, gas processing plants, gas gathering, drilling sites, landfills, difficult terrains and more.

CRC-Evans sales team presents a new “One-Stop Shop” approach for customers, combining Pipeline Equipment, AutoWelding, and Field Joint Coating into a convenient package. Formerly sold as individual services, the newly combined package encourages customers to utilize all of the talent and services under CRC-Evans’ umbrella. The company says a benefit of creating the “One-Stop Shop” for customers will be to expose them to CRC-Evans’ F.A.S.T. System during the Multi-Component Liquid Coating (MCL) process. The F.A.S.T. system uses an Automatic Spray Machine to apply a consistent amount of material at an accelerated rate with increased efficiency. CRC-Evans currently has four large projects under way in the U.S. and Canada that highlight the “One-Stop Shop” approach. CRC-Evans is contracting the above mentioned projects with Willbros, Precision Pipeline, U.S. Pipeline and Michels, for AutoWeld and Field Joint Coating.