New Equipment

December 2016


Great things come in small packages with the release of Denso North America’s Protal 7125 (50 ml) Repair Cartridge. Utilizing the same reliable coating repair technology as Protal 7200 (50 ml) Repair Cartridges, customers can easily apply Protal 7125 in the field or shop for patching repairs or holidays to FBE coating. Protal 7125 is formulated to be applied to colder substrates at colder ambient temperatures down to -4˚F (-20˚C) and has a very fast cure time (approx. 15 minutes at 90˚F / 32˚C). Save money by using the 50 ml repair cartridge to repair your pipeline coating anywhere it’s needed.

Inline Services

Inline Services newly designed Pig Pole/Pusher Combo incorporates several new features. It is made using fiberglass making it the safest way to launch and receive a pig. The pole features a hook on one end for retrieving and a slide push plate assembly that can be secured over the hook for launching. This dual purpose pole is available in standard 8’ and 16’ lengths. The new design is made with aircraft grade cable rated up to 1500lbs for pulling large pigs. It also comes equipped in heat and weather resistant bag for easy transport and storage. For more information email us at or visit


The ROTORK ELB electronic line break detection system for oil and gas pipelines continuously monitors pressure dynamics to provide early detection of pipeline breaks and has the ability to automatically initiate valve actuator movement to an emergency position. Pipeline pressure can be monitored both upstream and downstream with actuator control based upon user-defined rate-of-drop (RoD) and rate-of-rise (RoR) as well as high- and low-pressure limits. The system can provide an array of programmable alarm and alert indications, and it can collect detailed operational data useful for optimizing performance. The ELB system is compact, environmentally sealed, and has an explosion-proof housing that can be mounted either on the actuator or remotely. Non-intrusive configuration and data retrieval are via Rotork’s Bluetooth® Setting Tool or PC (using Rotork’s free Insight2™ software). Remote control is available via hard-wired connections or Modbus® serial communication protocol.


MATCOR has been issued US Patent No. 9,410,253 for its SPL-SandAnode, an impressed current linear anode that prevents corrosion of aboveground storage tank bottoms (ASTs). Invented by Glenn Shreffler, executive VP of engineering for MATCOR, the SPL-SandAnode is the only impressed current linear anode designed specifically for tank bottom replacement projects. These applications typically have 6 inches (150 mm) or less of sand where the anode is to be installed. The recommended CP system for most ASTs is a tank ring anode system that utilizes linear anodes in a concentric ring configuration. However, when the clearance between the tank bottom and anode is less than 6 inches (150 mm), the SPL-SandAnode is used, either in the concentric ring configuration or in parallel linear lengths. The prepackaged linear anode with a sand backfill, in lieu of calcined coke, allows the anode to be laid out on the foundation while maintaining the maximum separation distance of the anode to the tank bottom.

The SPL-SandAnode is one of MATCOR’s SPL™ Anode Series, a complete line of flexible impressed current linear anodes utilizing MMO anode technology to support a broad range of cathodic protection applications. Advantages of MATCOR’s linear anodes include: single package design; uniform current distribution; flexible CP system and waterproof Kynex® anode to cable connections.


Conval now offers Swivldisc® Gate Valves in ½-inch through 4-inch sizes. The Swivldisc features a wedge gate design that employs a flexible disc. This disc permits the seating surface to achieve perfect alignment and establishes a tight seal. They are available in ASME/ANSI Pressure Classes through #4500. Standard materials of construction are Carbon Steel 216 GR WCB, Chromalloy SA-217 GR WC9, SA-217 GR C12A and SA-351 CF3M. Other materials are available upon request. Options include bypass, air or motor actuators.

Baker Hughes

The Baker Hughes CPCM™ cathodic protection pipeline inspection service is like having a virtual CP survey crew inside the pipe, offering a complete dataset at less cost. This unique service internally assesses CP system effectiveness without access challenges. The inspection service is faster than aboveground methods. The close interval between data points results in improved data resolution without gaps even in pipeline sections previously inaccessible. When you run a CPCM tool, a conventional CP survey crew is not required, eliminating safety and logistical issues that a survey crew could face in the field. By integrating CPCM data with other pipeline inspection datasets, you’ll have more information about your pipeline integrity.