New Equipment

October 2016

B&B Pipetools

The new B&B 6K Mega Roller is an increased capacity pipe roller designed for heavy duty jobsite use. The oversized 6X3 inch wheels are a urethane over steel design offering numerous advantages over our competitors in this product price point category. They allow ultra smooth pipe rotation via heavy duty sealed bearings, and urethane coating allows carbon pipe rotation, as well as contamination free exotic pipe rotation. The unique head design also allows the removal of the wheels, transforming to a V head stand restricting pipe rotation. The robust construction and design is head and shoulders above other similar products on the market.

Inline Services

Inline Services has new Tracking Equipment that can be used to monitor a pig’s location or movement throughout a pipeline. The pig tracking equipment consists of Receivers, Geophones and Transmitters. Receivers are used to reveal distinctive pulsing patterns of passing pigs. Geophones detect low sounds helping to indicate where the pig is in the pipeline. The transmitters are available in standard or custom types and operate by emitting electromagnetic fields at low frequencies (between 15 and 30Hz). Using these devices will help to greatly reduce the search area in the event a pig becomes stuck or lost in the line.

Ditch Witch

Three new, turbocharged utility tractors from Ditch Witch®, a Charles Machine Works Company, give operators the power to get jobs done more efficiently and with greater comfort. Designed with hardworking operators in mind, the new models – RT105, RT125 and the RT125 Quad tractor– each feature innovative control consoles and operator stations. Easy-to-read gauges and 120-degree seat rotation provide project visibility, while dial controls for ground and attachment operations provide the option to adjust power to each system, maximizing machine productivity. The re-designed workstations are equipped with advanced, 5-inch, color LCD engine displays that rotate with the operator, providing direct visibility into all machine functions, including engine performance. The models also feature tilt steering columns and increased legroom reducing stress from long hours on the job. Operators will experience greater ease of operation due to upgraded controls. The RT105, and the RT125 and RT125 Quad are powered by 107- and 121-hp turbocharged, Tier 4 DEUTZ® engines, respectively, for superior performance on any job. The tractors offer best-in-class ground clearance and standard four-wheel drive systems for enhanced maneuverability.

Jarraff Industries

The Geo-Boy Brush Cutter Tractor from Jarraff Industries continues to expand its usage into diverse industries and applications. The Geo-Boy has been a mainstay for maintaining a wide range of transportation and utility rights-of-way (ROW), but the unit’s inherent capabilities make it effective in a variety of other applications. The Geo-Boy is available in wheeled and track configurations. Both models are ROPS and FOPS certified. With two tier III engine options, 220 hp and 260 hp.

Technical Toolboxes

Technical Toolboxes has released the new AC Mitigation PowerTool© for use by pipeline engineers and technicians. The AC Mitigation PowerTool© has been developed to assist the engineer or technician to model and mitigate or modify the design of pipeline cathodic protection systems to reduce the AC current density effects to meet the criteria specified either by a pipeline owner operator or the NACE standard.

Industrial Video & Control


Industrial Video & Control (IVC) has a line of thermal IP cameras designed for monitoring critical infrastructure and industrial processes. The T-SERIES camera line ranges from basic, compact cameras for surveillance applications to fully featured radiometric cameras. The T-SERIES cameras for outdoor surveillance produce clear images in complete darkness and in harsh environments. Camera enclosures are rated either IP66 or IP67 for imaging in smoke, dust, fog, snow and rain. The cameras can detect a person-sized target that is 2000 meters away.  Common applications include monitoring of flare stacks, pipelines and petrochemical facilities.