New Equipment

August 2016

Denso North America

Denso North America has released their new Protal 7900HT high temperature two-part epoxy pipeline coating in a 1000ml cartridge for air cartridge guns. You now have the option of quickly spraying Protal 7900HT in the field or shop. It was designed to save time and money to coat pipe, valves and fittings for small projects. The Protal 7900HT Cartridge (1000ml) provides a fast and easy setup, minimal material waste and little equipment maintenance. Using the same 1000ml air gun that contractors use to spray Protal 7200, you still have the amazing functionality of controlling airflow and fluid pressure right at your fingertips to give you more precise control. Protal 7900HT Cartridge (1000ml) has excellent properties; outstanding CD’s at 300˚F (150˚C), high build (up to 40 mils in one coat), can provide continuous service temperature up to 250˚F (120˚C), high abrasion resistance and excellent adhesion.

Bayco Products

Bayco Products, provider of tough, durable and affordable lighting since 1984 introduced two AC-powered LED work lights to its Bayco corded lighting brand with models SL-2135 and SL-866. These two lightweight and versatile LED work lights feature a 1,200 Lumens high brightness mode and a 600 Lumens low brightness mode with two separate integrated magnets. With one magnet located at the balance point in the middle of the handle and the other at the tip of the light, users are provided multiple points of attachment for complete hands-free user operation. The wand style handle was even discretely designed with an octagonal shape that keeps the floodlight aimed in the correct direction when placed on its side preventing the light from rolling back and forth on a sloped surface. Both models include a strong detachable magnetic hook that can be attached to either integrated magnet on the light body for additional versatility and convenience. www.baycoproducts.comBayco

Ditch Witch

Ditch Witch® has released a new line of backreamers to help underground construction operators improve productivity in specialized soil conditions and installations. The new models include the Sandhog HD (heavy duty), Swab and EZ backreamers. All models are designed with customer input in mind, job site efficiency and long life. Sandhog HD Backreamer: Designed for sandy and soft soils, the triple-action Sandhog HD backreamer combines aggressive cutting, mixing and packing for more efficient pullback on the job. Bore paths in unstable soil conditions can often collapse or fill with material in the ground. This backreamer uses a barrel-shaped body to better sculpt a true-to-size bore path. Carbide cutting teeth and spiral plates further improve pullback efficiency and lower torque while maximizing the capacity for fluid flow. The crushed carbide provides longer life to the reamer and replaceable, hardened steel nozzles increase fluid flow flexibility. The Sandhog HD backreamer is available in 2 3/4-inch shaft size with 2.0 IF threads and 3 1/4-inch shaft with 2 3/8 API threads, ranging in diameter from 8 to 18 inches. Compatible Ditch Witch HDD rigs include the JT9, JT20, JT25 and JT30.

Subsite® Electronics

Subsite Electronics, a Charles Machine Works Company, introduces the TK RECON Series HDD Guidance System. The TK RECON Series offers all the proven benefits of the original TK Series built on a new, advanced-technology base that allows the company to incorporate several performance-enhancing features now, and accept upgraded features in the future. With more battery choices than the competition and improved radio performance with increased interference immunity and faster information transfer, the new TK RECON Series is designed to enable operators to be more productive and efficient on every jobsite.


McElroy has launched a new machine in its flagship TracStar® series that offers advanced emissions reduction and automation technologies allowing users to meet today’s toughest regulations in air quality and data logging. The TracStar 900 Series 2 Automatic features a Cummins US EPA Tier 4/EU Stage IIIB engine that burns ultra-low sulfur diesel. Fusion functions are controlled automatically with The Coach® pendant which can upload joint reports to the McElroy DataLogger® Vault™ for storage, analysis and validation of pipeline integrity. The all-terrain vehicle features rubber-crawler tracks and is self-propelled via wireless remote control. Hydraulic power assists the operator with all fusion functions including operation of the jaws, pipe lifts, heater and facer. Low-, medium-, and high-force machines are available.


The Montabert CPA 225E drilling attachment enables operators to transition from digging to drilling in minutes. Designed for use on 15-25 ton excavators, the 3,197-lb. CPA 225E drills holes measuring 1½-3 inches in diameter and up to 14 feet deep. An optional rod adder can extend the drill depth to 26 feet. A radio remote control allows the CPA 225E drilling attachment to be operated outside the excavator cab.


Ingersoll Rand introduces the new LS2-150 Hydraulic Land Rig Man Rider® Winch to safely lift people working on onshore oil rigs. The winch offers a number of built-in safety features such as: Overload Protection Device – Prevents the winch from operating if it detects a load that exceeds 125% of the 150 kg. (330 lbs.) safety rating for the winch; Emergency Stop Button – The operator can stop operation of the winch with the push of one button; and Slack Line Prevention System. If the winch line gets caught or snagged, the slack line prevention system on the winch automatically stops the winch from paying out to help prevent the rider from falling.