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Lincoln Electric
Lincoln Electric has launched its new limited edition Iron Man™ VIKING™ auto-darkening welding helmet. This solar-powered helmet joins the 700G Series and features authorized graphics inspired by the box office hit Iron Man™ 2 and well-known comic books by Marvel®. In addition to the Iron Man character graphics and signature gold and red colors, the solar-powered helmet system comes with battery assistance instead of an on/off switch, and a grind mode for weld prep and post-weld clean up. Weighing in at 18.3 oz. (520 g), the helmet is lighter in weight than many auto-darkening helmets. This fully loaded helmet also features a substantial 3.78 x 1.85 in. (96 x 47 mm) view size with continuously variable nine to 13 external shade control. Like all 700G Series helmets, this model is magnifying ‘cheater’ lens capable.

Rain For Rent 
Rain for Rent’s expanding line of self-priming pumps now includes the DV-325c 12-inch centrifugal pump, specifically designed for efficient bypass pumping. The DV-325c has flows up to 8,500 GPM, suction lift up to 28 feet and maximum head of 220 feet. It also offers solids handling capabilities for any 12 inch pump – up to 4.75-inch. The DV-325c offers high-flow pumping at a low cost. The 350 horsepower Tier-3 engine burns 13.0 gallons-per-hour @1800 RPM (5500 GPM @140-feet TDH) and comes standard with a durable galvanized skid to reduce maintenance expense. This pump is also available with an electric drive option. Combine the DV-325c with Rain for Rent pipe, tank, and filtration equipment for a complete solution to any liquid-handling need. Installation and engineering teams are available 24/7, every day of the year.

Intercon Enterprises Inc.
InterPurge Pipe-Align Clamps from Intercon Enterprises are designed to save time and are what the company calls the welder’s important “third” hand. Forged steel construction makes this a heavy duty tool while the stainless steel ball bearing in the wing bolt allows precise micro adjustment to insure perfect root gaps and alignment. They are said to be excellent for pipe to pipe as well as pipe to elbow or flange assemblies. They are offered at lower prices in a variety of pipe ranges from ¾-inch up to 14 ½ inches.  The company says this tool would be a great help to any welder in many fields including utilities, petrochemical, shipbuilding, vessel and tank fabrication.

Bonal Technologies Inc.
Bonal Technologies, Inc. recently introduced its new Meta-Lax® 2000 Semi-Automatic Touch-Screen System to replace the manually operated 700 system. The  2000 automates several tasks, like identifying the proper energy level for stress relief, which would have required operator input and decision making on the earlier model 700. The system features a five-inch full color touch screen, with an option to convert to 2400 capability in the future. It is equipped with a microprocessor which assists the operator throughout the Meta-Lax process including displaying data for easy transfer to Meta-Lax certification sheets.  Within 60 seconds the operator is able to scan the part, set the proper stress relief energy level, and begin the stress relief cycle.  The stress relief cycle normally takes 30-45 minutes. The 2000 is portable and weighs only 22 pounds, which allows it to be taken on location if desired.

McElroy Manufacturing Inc.
The new McElroy In-Field Tensile Tester gives contractors and pipeliners the ability to quickly and accurately test high-density polyethylene (HDPE) butt fusion joints in the field. McElroy officials say the appeal of the device is that it is light enough to be loaded into a pickup truck, taken out to the site, tested, with a quick pass or fail determination on the quality of the fusion joints being made. The device is patent pending, but is available now through McElroy’s extensive distribution network.

Bringing what the company describes as the most advanced technology to the concrete coating process, CRC-Evans Engineered Systems says it has raised the levels of accuracy and efficiency that operators can achieve.  Based on many years of customer input, CRC-Evans says it has put digital technology to work so that the coating process is completely consistent and reliable. Now every aspect of the coating process is digitally controlled from a central console. When an operational parameter needs to be changed, all systems are updated simultaneously and automatically.  The result is a remarkable level of efficiency in the field, day after day. The company says every coated pipe is on-spec, with recorded data to back it up.  

Hammersmith Mfg.
Hammersmith Mfg. has introduced the FlexxRight Mini, a new, dynamic and patent-pending excavation bucket for the pipeline and utility location and inspection, excavation and site prep industry. The FlexxRight Mini is flexible, safe and strong. Targeted at compact and mini-excavators weighing 6 metric tons or less, the FlexxRight Mini is available in an 18-inch diameter size. Hammersmith says the FlexxRight Mini is a flexible bucket with a penetrating profile, a non-marking body design, tremendous strength and service, exceptional maneuverability and a universal coupling system. The FlexxRight Mini is designed to excavate and locate safely and with ease.

Dynamic Systems Inc.
Dynamic Systems, Inc. (DSI) is offering a Software Suite for oil and gas pipeline companies and contractors. The company says the tool tracking device advises who has them, where they are now, and when they are due back.DSI says the software is Windows based and easy to use. It is designed so that it can be customized and adjusted to a company’s requirements without additional changes.

Konecranes recently introduced the SMARTON®. This crane has an impressive array of features designed to improve safety, reduce energy consumption by up to 30%, and prevent damage to high-value goods and production equipment. Available in capacities ranging from 10 to more than 500 tons, the SMARTON’s design and features reflect Konecranes’ commitment to improving mill safety, productivity, and throughput. A two-transmitter intelligent radio control allows the crane to relay condition information back to the operator, allowing technicians to  troubleshoot the crane from the ground. It delivers information on load location, load tonnage, approaching area limits, and three-dimensional XYZ target position. It also reveals faults and overloads, provides load-summing data from two hooks, and captures the total load on the crane. In addition, it provides timely warnings of upcoming maintenance requirements and warns the operator when the crane approaches its working limit.

ComAp LLC has introduced the air fuel ratio (AFR) for both rich-burn and lean burn gas compression applications. Notable attention has been placed on data logging and advanced communication in addition to the ability to run based on a fuel curve, speed density, in slip-stream or full authority configuration. The current compression offering for AFR includes both rich and lean burn controls, and a control which can be deployed strictly for remote access communication for monitoring and reporting –all controls share this upgradable feature. The offering is complete with a dedicated compressor control featuring the same advanced communication with the added feature of automating the compressor sequence of operation. Sales and service is currently available through SEC Energy Products and Services.

Crystal Engineering
Crystal Engineering has released a new line of 316 stainless steel, quick-test pressure fittings for calibration and test applications, which are designed with an emphasis on safety. The company says each component of the line of hoses and fittings performs at up to 10,000 psi (MAWP), with a 4:1 safety factor, and features a safety weep hole to warn against disconnections while a system remains under pressure. Laser markings indicate the fitting type, size, part number, and MAWP to prevent a mismatched connection. The components are based on cone-type, medium pressure fittings, commonly used on offshore platforms. Crystal Engineering says the current design was modified by adding an O-ring sealing system.

Deere & Co.
John Deere says its new 304-hp 744K 4WD loader is the construction industry’s first IT4-certified iron over 175 hp. The company says the 744K IT4-certified engine is its response to customers who need the highest emission Tier available for bid emissions specifications and green construction sites, or who work in non-attainment areas. The company says the John Deere PowerTech™ 9.0-L IT4 diesel engine for the 744K was certified by the EPA in March 2010. It uses cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) technology to meet emissions regulations while producing the same 304 hp and torque as a 744K equipped with a Tier 3 engine.

Duoline® Technologies
Duoline® Technologies is offering a DVD that provides details on its new expanded manufacturing facility in Gilmer, TX. The facilities feature an ultramodern 130,000 sq-foot manufacturing facility now open and producing. The facilities are located just four hours from the major shipping port of Houston and five hours from New Orleans, LA. New facilities feature: Highly-efficient Fiber Glass Reinforcement (FRP) manufacturing systems supported by advanced process controls; Full range of traceability; and incorporates technologies for optimum productivity to protect oil field tubulars from corrosion.