New Equipment

May 2016

ENR Pipeline Products Co. 

The Model E2460 Tapping Machine from ENR General Machining Co. (ENR) provides a tapping size range of 24-60 inches with a Boring Bar Travel of 72, 120 and 140 inches. The machine has 6-inch 900# RTJ mounting flange as standard and is also available with a 600# RTJ front flange. The machine is hydraulically powered via a diesel hydraulic power unit. The ENR EQB-E2460 tapping machines is capable of operating up to 2,200 psig, allowing safe operations on lines up to full ANSI 900 operating pressures. The machine is operated via a hydraulic motor that provides speed-control features for cutter rotation. A separate hydraulic motor provides power extension and retraction of the boring bar.

Ditch Witch

Ditch Witch® introduces a new line of air excavators: the FXT30 Air FXT50 Air, and FXT65 Air. The versatile and high-powered FXT Air system has air and water excavation capabilities, making it ideal for locating utilities or gas leaks in below-grade worksites. In terms of air pressure, velocity and power output, the Ditch Witch air pressure system outperforms comparable equipment on the market. Its high-performance operation translates to faster excavation, vacuuming and backfilling, helping to reduce project costs. All three Ditch Witch FXT Air models use a PTO-driven air compressor for efficient power transfer and nonstop productivity. The efficient filtration system utilizes a cyclonic separator to remove fine particles before reaching sensitive components in the vacuum system. The new system positions many of the air excavation components under the truck deck, giving operators extra room and easy access. Operators can easily monitor and command all components using an electronic controller that displays system parameters. FXT Air models also accept a variety of tooling attachments.

Schneider Electric

Pipeline Trainer 1.0 has been released as part of Schneider Electric’s new SimSuite 7 framework. The SimSuite 7 offers three major area of improvement: Pipeline Trainer 1.0 responds to evolving technological needs of trainers by replacing the old text file method with a fully graphical, intuitive drag and drop feature; provides an entirely new level of flexibility through the inclusion of three different training levels: generic, hybrid and full scope that allows operators to upgrade from a generic to full scope trainer, which exactly models their pipeline system, without needing to do a new software implementation, extending the lifespan of the software; and retains all records rather than transferring them to a third-party database.


McElroy has released the SmartFab™ 125, its first benchtop machine which offers a way to socket fuse pipe and fittings for polypropylene piping systems. The machine is portable and can be positioned on any flat surface for precise prefabrication on large assemblies. Features include inserts which can reduce ovality in pipe and fittings. It also has a pivoting heater to easily accommodate fittings located on either side of the machine. The SmartFab 125 has four jaws that adjust to any desired spacing and each jaw clamps individually which allows for a greater combination of pipe and fitting sizes. The machine offers plenty of clearance with a removable outer fixed jaw and its rack-and-pinion drive provides smooth and steady fusion force.


The new IQ19 actuator combines a stem acceptance of up to 51mm (2 inches) diameter with torque output up to 135 Nm (100 lbf.ft) and output speeds up to 72 rpm @ 50Hz (86 rpm @ 60Hz). The combination meets the operating requirements of large numbers of penstocks, sluice gates and gate valves. The actuator incorporates the full range of advanced reliability, functionality and asset management features, including an unrivalled range of data logging capabilities, for which the Rotork IQ marque is well known. An information-rich backlit display is the focus of attention for non-intrusive wireless commissioning, communication and multi-functional indication, including user-friendly multi-lingual menus for setting-up and configuration. Local position indication, valve and actuator status, asset management and diagnostic operating information is available to download or viewed directly at the actuator. Diagnostic graphics present a window into the plant, showing the valve torque, usage profiles and service logs, facilitating real-time analysis directly at the actuator and in the control room. Preventative valve maintenance requirements can be identified, eliminating unplanned interruptions to the plant or over-cautious planned maintenance outages.


DEWALT launched its 4½-inch, small Angle Grinders (DWE4222N, DWE4222, DWE4224). They are designed for applications in tight spaces such as grinding and beveling steel, grinding welds, cutting pipe and steel plate and concrete surface prep. Improvements include the Lanyard Ready™ Connection, brake system, a Dust Ejection System™, an E-CLUTCH™ that activates in less than a tenth of a second when a wheel pinch/stall event is detected.